What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

Tuesday November 15:

Hardcore Pawn‘ (9pm on Tru TV) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Meet the Gold family. As owners of Detroit’s biggest pawn shop, they’ve bought and sold things you can’t begin to imagine. Every day brings new danger as the Golds operate in the heart of one of America’s most troubled cities. With 50,000 sq ft of cash and goods surrounding them, there are millions to be made, but their profits come with huge risk. Welcome to the world of ‘Hardcore Pawn.’

Wednesday November 16:

South Park‘ (10pm on Comedy Central) **Season Finale** Record Now

Everyone’s favorite fearless fourth graders are back. But can they outdo themselves once again? Tune in to see what they have up their sleeves this time.

Thursday November 17:

Private Practice‘ (9pm ET on ABC) **Back-to-Back Episodes** Record Now

In the first hour or a special two-hour edition — entitled “Who We Are” — the Seaside Wellness group stages an intervention for a defensive and volatile Amelia, who has resurfaced after disappearing on a 12-day drug binge with her boyfriend, Ryan. During the intervention, Amelia mercilessly attacks her friends one-by-one, and Addison, in particular, has trouble seeing her sister-in-law in her present condition.

Big Shrimpin‘ (10pm on History) **Series Premiere** Record Now

For the shrimpers of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, mining the waters for tiny pieces of “saltwater gold” is a treacherous, 24/7 job. But there’s more to shrimping than bringing in the day’s haul. History is made daily as they fight to save a uniquely American way of life. ‘Big Shrimpin’, a new 8-part series, follows a group of longtime employees of Dominick Ficarino, owner of the most successful business in Bayou La Batre, Dominick’s Seafood.

Friday November 18:

Fringe‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Fall Finale** Record Now

When a man mysteriously dies by an invisible force, his body rapidly begins turning ghostly white. The Fringe team learns that this is not an isolated incident, and there’s evidence that links the predator to someone who passed away with an unknown genetic disorder.

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys‘ (9pm on Sundance) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Sundance Channel explores the love affair between straight women and their gay best friends in the network’s primetime original series, ‘Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys.’ This groundbreaking documentary series explores the emotional and social tensions that frame the relationships of four couples, each of whom are dealing with a different aspect of their lives.

Sunday November 20:

‘2011 American Music Awards’ (8pm ET on ABC) **Special**

Nicki Minaj and David Guetta will open the ‘2011 American Music Awards.’ They join previously announced acts including Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, LMFAO, Katy Perry, Pitbull and Maroon 5. In keeping with tradition, the ‘American Music Awards’ is a host-free event that highlights music’s biggest artists performing on one stage.

How To Make It In America‘ (10:30pm on HBO) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the second-season finale, Ben wonders how to rescue CRISP and his friendship with Cam. Meanwhile, Domingo and Cam launch a PR blitz to clean up Rasta Monsta’s image.

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