‘DWTS’: Who Is Advancing to the Finals?

Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars” semifinal was packed with drama, including battered warrior J.R. Martinez’s struggle with an ankle injury, Rob Kardashian’s cha cha triumph, and pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s latest skirmish with the judges.

On Tuesday, everyone was wondering who would go home and who would make the final of the remaining four pairs—war veteran J.R. and his partner Karina Smirnoff, reality TV brother Rob and Cheryl Burke, former talk show hostess Ricki Lake and Derek Hough, and soccer star Hope Solo and Maks. The latter couple seemed the most likely, as Hope and Maks were ranked fourth on Monday with the lowest scores in all three of their dances. But J.R. was in a disappointing third place after spraining his ankle and being unable to perform as well as he had all season.

With the Muppets in the house Tuesday night, it was sure to be a more lighthearted elimination show than usual. But make no mistake—one of these four couples would be devastated at the end of the night when they learned they had just missed the big finale. So, on with the show!

Watch: “Dancing” Reveals Its Top Three:

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It started out with the encore dance and duh, judge Len Goodman announced it would be Rob and Cheryl doing their samba, riding out again in their multicolored float. After disembarking, Rob was all smiles, having as much fun—maybe more because the pressure was off—than last night. It ended with Rob’s famous booty shaking again. Rio! Kris Jenner leaped to her feet and yelled woo!

Cut to that couple’s backstage footage from Monday night—“Have fun. Let’s boogie!” Cheryl was shown telling Rob. “I did not expect a ten in the samba,” Rob said after getting his scores. Then Rob said he really had to pee before his Argentine tango and Cheryl jokingly asked him if he was pregnant. Rob had won the Monday cha cha relay and afterwards, J.R. told him how great it was and Rob told J.R. he loved him. Aw! Good sportsmanship.

It was time to learn if Rob and Cheryl were safe…yes, indeed, to no one’s shock, they were in the finals! Cheryl was so excited she dropped to the ground and there were hugs aplenty.

The musical interlude of the night was Cobra Starship with Sabi, performing their single “You Make Me Feel.” Where were the Muppets?! The song was accompanied by the obligatory pro dancers, this time two couples. The cameraman then cut to Nancy Grace, who was sitting in the audience.

Watch Highlights From Monday’s Episode:

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Maks was shown telling Hope “I’ve got you” before their Monday Paso Doble. Hope was depressed about getting scores of 7s afterwards and dissed judges backstage, saying, “Kiss my booty.” She added, “The judges mean nothing to me.” After the tango, Hope didn’t have much, as before they got their critique she told Maks she didn’t even want to look at the judges. She was disappointed in her 24 tango score, too, and said sarcastically as she walked behind the curtain, “give us our little 8s.” Whoa! It looked like Maks wasn’t the only one who was a loose cannon!

Then Hope and Maks were going to learn if they were safe or in jeopardy. They learned they were in peril–no shocker there. There was a red light by their window, throbbing, throbbing.

Cut to–look who was back! This season’s DWTS fave Carson Kressley visited the show’s wardrobe department in another time-filling segment. Carson has become a regular fixture around DWTS after being cruelly eliminated too soon. The “Queer Eye” star told Rob to get a deep dark tan and Carson also ran through the fabric department and pretended to sew a costume. “Maks’ costume is done!” he said, holding up a sparkly pair of shorts. The package seemed to have no particular point except showing Carson being his funny, lovable self. That was fine but I thought he was also going to interview the DWTS costume gurus and really focus on the work behind the sparkle! Oh, well.

Then Derek and Anna Trebunskaya (Carson’s partner this season) were caught in a “Bad Romance” in a pro Paso Doble dance for the final Macy’s “Stars of Dance” segment. Derek leaped off the judges’ table in this one and Anna wound up collapsed at his feet at the end.

Okay, time for the AT & T spotlight performance which highlighted four talented young male dancers—David Guzman, Jacob Guzman, Kyle Scanlan, and Matt Gilmore—who had been bullied by their peers for being dancers. Oh, gawd, another sob story that made it seem like we were we supposed to have a telethon for these boys. They whined about how the other kids had made fun of them for dancing, especially the football players. What else is new? Then the four got their chance of a lifetime—to perform on DWTS with the sexy female pros including cute blonde (and single) Chelsie Hightower. Take that, jocks!

Oh, at last, after the commercial break, we were introduced to The Muppets. Promoting their new movie, cleverly titled “The Muppets” and opening Nov. 23, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang sang “Life’s a Happy Song.” A crowd of dancers in ‘50s style outfits did an old-fashioned number behind them. It was a whole lot of wonderful family fun! The song didn’t live up to Kermit’s previous hit, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” though. The two old guys in the balcony sat at the judges’ table and indulged in some cute repartee with host Tom Bergeron.

Then it was time for Ricki and Derek’s candid footage from Monday. They didn’t say too much that was interesting but were both very happy. “I’m in shock,” Ricki said after her samba scores. What about their Argentine tango? The judges were telling Derek to do it properly—why wouldn’t he? Backstage, the pair exulted and…cut to poor J.R. elevating his injured ankle. Tom was shown asking J.R. if he’d twisted the ankle again and Karina also asked him about it after their first performance. J.R. was determined backstage and Karina told him to “live this dance” before their tango. But that didn’t go well, either. It was sad to see J.R. so dejected, limping down the DWTS stairs.

The last two couples then would learn their fate from Tom. J.R. and Karina got the bad news that they were in the bottom two. It meant joy for the yellow-clad couple Ricki and Derek, who hugged while J.R. and Karina looked on plaintively.

Finally we would learn who would finish fourth. J.R. got a lot of audience cheers. Maks hugged Hope as they were announced the losers. “This is one of the toughest competitions I’ve ever been a part of,” Hope said. “I’m going to try and win a gold medal.” Maks thanked Hope for her determination and will and apologized for maybe not being the best partner he could have been. Hope joked, thanking Maks for casting her on HIS show—funny! The trouble-plagued couple got hugs from one and all while the others got ready for the finale.

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