‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Power Rankings – Week 9

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Coach is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 4 points and Gordon will receive 5 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: South Pacific” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Gordon had Ozzy in tenth and Jim in eleventh for twenty one points, while Andrea had Ozzy in eleventh and Jim in ninth for twenty points. The current score is Team Boehlke 120, Team Holmes 122.

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teamboehlke . TEAMHOLMES
Current Score: 120

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. Current Score: 122

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#1 Sophie: What can I say? Sophie is going places. And by going places I mean she isn’t going anywhere. And by not going anywhere I mean she is officially my pick to win. However, Sophie needs to be on her guard and ready to make moves because most people will rather want to sit next to Edna/Brandon/Cochran than her.  Sophie is just meant to be on top! . #1 Sophie: Sophie’s loving her placement at the top of the Power Rankings, and there really isn’t any reason to evict her. There are a lot of ways the tribe can go once they’ve booted the final two Savaii members. Fortunately for Sophie, she won’t be the first one to go in any of those scenarios.
#2 Brandon: Looking back over the course of the game, there is one thing that Brandon has been pretty consistent at: blowing up at Tribal Council. Perfect. If I was on Upolu right now I’d be aching to sit next to Brandon at that Final Tribal Council because you know his speech is going to be an epic fail. A super entertaining, glorious epic fail. I can’t wait. . #2 Brandon: Lil Hantz’s Tribal Council rants have made him the go-to guy to take to the end of the game. He’s like Featherless Phillip. The only way Brandon could win the million is if he took Cochran and managed to get his uncle back into the game during the family visit.
#3 Edna: Edna is also one of those people you would want to be sitting next to at the end. She’s sweet and I really like her, but she doesn’t really have an argument for winning unless she pulls a move sometime in the near future. . #3 Rick: So much of the strategy in the Power Rankings going forward is going to depend on people like Rick and Edna making moves. Honestly, I don’t think they have it in them. Either way, Rick’s safe for a while.
COACH . albert
#4 Coach: I have to hand it to him, Coach is playing this game. So far nobody has made a move to get rid of him and it seems like he is getting his way each week. What alarms me is that not once have we heard of anyone plotting against him, which makes me wonder if we will have a repeat of last season. Does everyone think they are going to the end with Coach? Oy vey. . #4 Albert: I think Albert is very worried about being this season’s Grant. He wants to make sure he has every angle covered, and as long as he can trust Sophie he should feel free to explore options. However, now is probably not the time to make a move. Partnering with a Savaii player is a sure way to lose at the final Tribal Council.
#5 Rick: Well we are back to watching the “Silence of the Ricks.” And… *chirp chirp chirp* that’s honestly all I’ve got. . #5 Coach: I wish I had a better idea of how the booted Savaii members feel about Coach. Do they like him? Do they feel slighted by him? That’d make it easier for me to determine if taking the Dragon Slayer to the finals is a good move or not.
albert . COCHRAN
#6 Albert: So we have seen that Albert is a schemer and coming up with his own plans. However, as it was with sniffing out Dawn last episode, he hasn’t been getting his way completely. Cue Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” But why? Albert doesn’t seem to have minions. You’re kind of stuck if you don’t have minions and Albert is going to be a target real fast for being a huge individual immunity threat. . #6 Cochran: I’m torn on Cochran this week. Jim hit the nail on the head when he said Cochran was playing a great third-place game, so it’d make sense to take him to the end. However, Upolu is so crazy with their trust blankey, that I’m worried that Cochran will have to go before any of the original alliance members.
#7 Cochran: Now is the time to infiltrate the Upolu tribe. If Upolu is smart, everyone would want to sit next to Cochran in the finals. However, if Upolu is sticking to their “we are family…I got all ma sistas with me” shenanigans, then Cochran is in trouble. He is becoming part of the Upolu family (eating donuts, wearing their clothes) but is it enough? . #7 Edna: How do we get this deep into a season with so little information on a player who’s almost been voted out? Blah… Coach wants to keep her, but not at the expense of killing the trust-thing he has with Upolu. She’ll probably go as soon as there aren’t any more Savaii to vote out.
#8 Whitney: Things are not looking good for the Whitster. She pulled off an immunity win last week but can she win this week when she needs it even more? Sadly, it looks like either she or Mama Meehand is going next; it’s just a matter of who is first. . #8 Dawn: Dawn’s a Power Rankings fave, but I think her time has come. The maneuvering she’s been doing to be seen as an Upolu sympathizer hasn’t been lost on the more nervous members of the tribe. Maybe she can Boehlke her way back from Redemption Island?
#9 Dawn: Mighty Mama Meehand was trying her best to work her way in with Upolu, but she is on the bottom for two reasons. Albert and Brandon. Albert was sniffing her out last episode and Brandon finds her hypocritical. With two strikes against her, things aren’t looking good for Mama Meehand. Sad face. . #9 Whitney: I do feel bad for Whitney. She’s being painted as a bully and we never saw her being rude to Cochran. Oh well, the best country songs come from sad moments in your life.
Redemption Island Pick – Jim: Over at Brodemption Island, it is anyone’s game. In an intense game of eenie-meenie-minie-bro I ended up picking Jim. Yes, Jim isn’t as proteined-up as Ozzy and Keith, but if anyone is to get back into the game, Jim has the best chance of getting back in and not getting Andrea’d out right away.  Not that being Andrea’d out is a bad thing….okay yeah it sucks. Wah wah. . Redemption Island Pick – Ozzy: You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, and know never to vote against Ozzy in challenges.


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