‘Parenthood’: Adam Tastes The Forbidden Fruit

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood (NBC)

Everyone is playing games in this week’s episode of “Parenthood,” “Sore Loser.” Some are harmless, some are dangerous, and some involve word problems. When two trains crash into each other on a rainy night, one fueled by half a bottle of tequila, the other sober enough to drive, who is at fault?

Kristina (Monica Potter) had reservations about Adam buying the recording studio, but she was worried about her family’s financial future, not the future of her marriage. Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) the sexy secretary continues to have breasts. This excites Crosby (Dax Shepard). Instead of writing a memo outlining the company’s dress code so he won’t come across like a perv who can’t help staring at her boobs, Adam gets paternal and says that Rachel is smart and does not have to use her body to get ahead. He clearly has no idea how the music industry works.Rachel turns out to be screwed up enough to both stand up for her right to show cleavage,  and find it sweet that Adam is protective. A music manager ogles Rachel then books the Luncheonette for a month. Rachel’s right that her breasts will help her more than her brains at this stage in her career. Everyone celebrates with tequila. Crosby thinks his drunken dancing will turn Rachel on. He is so wrong. This is where it gets ambiguous. Adam, who has only had one drink and seems sober, insists on driving her home so she won’t have to wait for the bus in the rain. That’s just being concerned for someone’s safety. But when they get to her building, he walks her to her door. That’s what you do when you’re on a date. Rachel agrees; she plants a kiss on him. He pulls away, but was he truly surprised? Watch and decide.

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Adam doesn’t tell Kristina what happened. Adam, you idiot! It’s going to seem so much worse when she inevitably finds out. The next day Adam tells Rachel he loves his wife. She whispers that she’s sorry. This seems destined to end with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Max (Max Burkholder) had joined the school math team. He thinks he has befriended a couple teammates who are actually making fun of him. At a competition, Max taps the table and mutters out loud to figure out the answer, but he gets it right. Afterward, the head mean boy, Louis, teases him some more. Kristina wants to call his parents, while Adam, who stopped caring about his kids once Nora was born, thinks she’s overreacting. They should get Amber (Mae Whitman) to teach Max how to handle bullies. She’s the show’s problem solver. Kristina gives Louis a taste of his own medicine, telling him he can’t get by with his Bieber hair and invisalign braces forever because he is going to have an ugly puberty. Then she tells him to be nice. This is Kristina’s greatest moment ever. It remains to be seen whether it will work, or make things more difficult for Max.

Sarah (Lauren Graham) freaks when Drew (Miles Heizer) gets a D in math because he’s been spending so much time with his girlfriend Amy. She tells Drew not to see Amy during the week. Amber the oracle suggests he sneak out at night to visit her. Drew does, taking the opportunity to tell Amy that he loves her. Unfortunately, Sarah busts him and forbids him to see Amy at all. Mark (Jason Ritter) points out that the harder she pushes, the more he will want to see Amy. When Sarah asks Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) what to do, her mother lets her have it about Sarah treating her like an employee. That came out of nowhere, but go Camille!  Sarah tells Drew that she overreacted.

Sydney (Savannah Paige Ray) has a tantrum during charades when Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) insists she has lost because she did not obey the rules. He tells Joel and Julia that Sydney needs to learn how to lose. Julia thinks letting her win boosts confidence. It’s the generation gap encapsulated in a two minute scene. Joel (Sam Jaeger) wins a board game with Sydney to teach her about sportsmanship. She accuses him of cheating then hits him. He sends the brat to her room where she has a tantrum for hours. He and Julia lament that they have ruined their child. Sydney sees a chessboard at Zeek’s place and insists on playing. He promptly beats her. She shakes his hand and says, “Good game,” then wants to play again.

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