‘South Park’ Renewed Through 20th Season

"South Park." (Comedy Central)

"South Park." (Comedy Central)

Comedy Central just sent out a pretty remarkable press release, stating that it just renewed “South Park.” What’s remarkable about it? They’ve renewed the show for three additional years, taking the show through 2016 when it completes its (gulp) 20th season.

And, yes, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are both on board to carry their signature show through that milestone season, which, the way things are going, should be about midway through the run of their other major project, the Broadway smash hit musical “The Book of Mormon.”

When the show debuted in 1997, who knew that it would have such staying power? Put your hands down, because none of us knew; it was just a funny and subversive show that starred four potty-mouth kids who pushed the boundaries of what you could say and talk about on basic cable. But 20 years? That’s “Simpsons” and “Gunsmoke” territory; while “South Park” is already up there among the most revered shows of all time, this will certainly put it near the top of the list.

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Watch a scene from the “South Park” season 14 DVD:

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