Gervais: NBC ‘Must Be Mad’ for Bringing Me Back to Host the Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais thinks NBC is insane for hiring him to host the Golden Globes again.

“They must be mad,” Gervais said in a statement released by NBC today. (Note: If seeking high ratings is madness, then all networks are clearly afflicted.) “Not sure if I’m flattered that they trust me or insulted that they trust me,” he continued. “Either way… they shouldn’t trust me.”

Of course, it’s just this kind of pot-stirring unpredictability that the network is banking on for business, considering the audience for last year’s Gervais-hosted telecast was the highest rated since 2007, with a little over 17 million viewers tuning in.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Ricky Gervais again as he brings his notorious wit to Hollywood’s biggest party of the year,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC’s President of Alternative and Late Night Programming. “He seems to get better each year as host of the Globes, and he adds an unpredictable element to the ceremonies that keeps everyone on their toes.”

“We are very happy that Ricky will be joining us for a 3rd year as host of the Golden Globe Awards,” stated dcp’s president, Orly Adelson. “His unique point of view and his mischievous streak are a perfect match to the irreverent nature of the show.”

The uncertainty of Gervais’ humor is probably the one certainty we can expect from January’s broadcast. And if Gervais’s tweet from yesterday from yesterday foreshadows what’s to come, we’re in for another wild ride. “Just told Billy Crystal he’d better not use any of my holocaust or pedophile material at The Oscars,” he wrote. “He agreed (true).”

NBC: Set your censors to stun.

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