‘The Good Wife’: Should Will Dump Alicia to Save Lockhart-Gardner?

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife” is all about moral ambiguity. Lockhart-Gardner and the State’s Attorney’s office exist in a giant grey area. “Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot,” last night’s episode, explores what happens when grey meets black and white. Is Will Gardner Alicia’s Savior or Peter 2.0? The State’s Attorney’s Office is determined to prove that he is the latter.

Cary (Matt Czuchry) brings in Peter’s former campaign rival, Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) as a Special Prosecutor. Cary’s in sexy women of color heaven! Wendy is ready to drag Alicia into the investigation. She’s obviously holding a grudge about Alicia’s television interview last season that won Peter the election.  But Wendy’s main target is Will (Josh Charles). She wants to prosecute him for judicial corruption, not just use him to get to Lamar Bishop. Dana (Monica Raymund) continues her straight-girl flirtation with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), asking her to set up a meeting with Diane about Will. Dana and Kalinda go drinking again. Kalinda talks about the virtues of lesbian sex, not mentioning that she experienced the joy of sex — or at least kissing — Dana’s boyfriend Cary last week. Dana tells her about the plan to go after Will for bribery, feigning drunkeness. Do either of these women truly believe they are fooling the other? Cary is the luckiest man alive, as Dana replays her conversation with Kalinda in graphic detail for him while they are in bed. Can there be any argument that this is the sexiest show on broadcast television?

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Wendy shares her suspicions about Will with Diane (Christine Baranski). She thinks he introduces judges to bookies at his weekly basketball game. The bookies forgive the debt in exchange for lenient sentences. Wait, what? Is this what that weird vibe between Will and the judge he played hoops with last season was about? Is any of this true? Are there multiple judges that are into illegal sports betting Does Alicia have a fatal attraction to corrupt men? Diane responds with skepticism and disdain. Then she tells Will he needs to get the State’s Attorney’s office of his back, not caring whether the allegations are true. He assures her that  they aren’t. She lays all of her cards on the table, telling him that she knows he is sleeping with Alicia. He needs to stop, not only because it’s the reason Peter is going after him, but because it is unethical for him to be sleeping with his subordinate.

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Diane’s argument that what Will and Alicia are doing is stupid, if not technically wrong, is surprisingly compelling.

Alicia discovers web camera footage of Jackie’s snooping on her computer last week. Ha! Ha! Ha! Alicia has her locks changed then has Zack check to make sure Jackie didn’t see any of her files. She tells her kids she suspects Jackie wants Peter to have full custody. Grace refers to Jackie as “such a bitch.” Hee! Alicia tells Jackie she does not want her in her house anymore. Jackie tells Alicia that her children are in danger because of her. Alicia decides she doesn’t want Jackie driving her children to Peter’s house anymore. So she buys Zack a car.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to persuade lobbyists for other foods to align with Team Cheese, and help bring back the traditional food pyramid, Eli (Alan Cumming) loses the cheese account. Let’s all pour out our 40s for the cheese. Actually, that’s pretty much what Eli does. Diane finds him throwing himself a pity party in his office. Diane tells him to win the account back, saying, “Do men have so much success in their lives that the first setback makes them weepy?” Diane for president of the universe!

In the case of the week, the Army lawyer from season two asks Will and Alicia to help him represent a sergeant who has been charged with 12 murders because she pressed a button on a  computer in Nevada which controlled a drone plane which fired a missile on 12 unarmed citizens in Afghanistan against authorization. The sergeant explains that she relieved the transmission that there were civilians in the area too late. The face the same military judge they dealt with the last time they worked a military case, who hates Will. Though they manage to prove that all of the soldiers are on the same stimulants that the accused is using, and that the pilot who is the chief witness for the prosecution has issues with female soldiers, the defendant is found guilty. It seems ridiculous that a good person who mistakenly pressed a button could be found guilty of murder. After the verdict is rendered, Alicia gets into it with the judge. The judge points out that 12 people are dead because of the mistake. She says it’s time people are held accountable, a statement that could apply to Will and Alicia.

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