‘Hawaii Five-0’: Jimmy Buffett Flies in to the Rescue

Jimmy Buffett on Hawaii Five-0 (Norman Shapiro/CBS)

Jimmy Buffett on Hawaii Five-0 (Norman Shapiro/CBS)

When Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Laughlin) is taken captive in North Korea, Five-0 and some military buddies organize an under-the-radar [pun intended] rescue! It starts out as an ordinary “Hawaii Five-0” case when an investigative reporter is murdered and McGarrett, Danny (Scott Caan) and the rest of the team launch their search for the killer.

A clue takes Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) from Oahu to Maui, where he learns that everything is not right and something fishy is going on with Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik), who up until then had been a trusted member of the team.

Meanwhile, McGarrett meets with Jenna, who asks a huge favor of him: After months of investigation, she has located her fiancé. He is alive and being held captive in North Korea. She tells McGarrett that the rebels who are holding him are demanding a $250,000 ransom for his release. Will Steve please go with her and have her back?

McGarrett takes a satellite phone on the journey and when Danny can’t reach him after several attempts, he knows something bad has gone down. Then, when Chin returns with the news about Jenna’s deceit, they begin to organize a rescue.

In the interim in North Korea, Jenna makes a life-changing discovery, but not before McGarrett is taken captive by a powerful foe who tortures him in an attempt to get much-needed information.

Of course, the Five-0 team turns to Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), who because of his military background knows just what to do. He enlists the aid of a few military buddies and they are off to South Korea.

That is where they meet up — in a bar, of course, — with singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet, playing Frank Bama, a Viet Nam vet/helicopter pilot and friend of Joe’s, who flies them across the border to the last location from which they received a signal from Jenna’s phone. [Note: If you are a Buffett fan, you may enjoy the tip of the hat to “Margaritaville” by Danny while the guys down shots.]

Then the men get all paramilitary in their attempt to save McGarrett’s life and capture the man who kidnapped him. Check out the “Ki’ilua” episode [Ki’ilua is Hawaiian for Deceiver] right here for all the action and find out who the deceiver is!

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