‘Fallon’ Band ‘Welcomes’ Bachmann with Insulting Song

Michele Bachmann critiques Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of her on NBC's "Late Night" (Photo: NBC)

Jimmy Fallon’s band evidently thinks Michele Bachmann is a “lying-ass b***h.”

That’s the tune that the Roots — house band on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” — played to “welcome” Bachmann as she came on stage Monday night for a light-hearted interview with Fallon.

The song chosen by the ill-mannered musicians to welcome her was a 1985 song by Fishbone called “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.” None of the song’s lyrics were sung — just the intro — but some of the lyrics are: “She always says she needs you, but you know she really don’t care.”

The song is apparently about an unfaithful female lover who is referred to as “a slut” and, of course, a “lyin’ ass bitch.” In an Associated Press story about the song here, the Bachmann campaign had no comment and NBC didn’t bother apologizing. Instead, Fallon actually joked about it on Twitter, saying bandleader Questlove is “grounded.”

Watch the shocking “greeting” the Roots had in store for Michele Bachmann here (at 22 minutes in):

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Late-Night-With-Jimmy-Fallon/102993/2169728984/Mon%2C-Nov-21%2C-2011/embed 580 476]

It certainly seemed like an unnecessarily nasty way to greet a guest. Even TV’s most pointed, opinionated commentators — from Bill O’Reilly to Jon Stewart — don’t greet guests that way, no matter what viewpoints the guest may hold.

Bachmann seemed unaware of the song’s origins when it was played upon her arrival on stage Monday (indeed, the song was probably obscure to most of the show’s audience, both at home and in the studio).

Certainly, she never would have dreamed that a late-night comedy show would “welcome” her in that way. She wasn’t coming on the show to make political points (even though that wouldn’t be any reason for such an insulting song to be performed in any case). She came on to josh with Jimmy about Thanksgiving and Minnesota accents, and to promote her new book titled “Core of Conviction: My Story.”

She said she was in New York to meet with Donald Trump, the now-former Republican candidate who offered the Minnesota congresswoman advice and counsel on subjects ranging from China to OPEC, she told Fallon.

Among other things, she revealed that Trump allowed her to sit in on the filming of the final episode of the upcoming season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The finale won’t air ’til May, so Bachmann is sworn to secrecy. And she remained tight-lipped even as Fallon tried to pry some details out of her.

The two played a word association game in which the subject of politics arose — hilariously. For the game, Jimmy said a word, and Bachmann responded with the first word that came into her mind.

A couple of examples:

Jimmy: “Palin.” Bachmann: “Gorgeous.”

Jimmy: “Obama.” Bachmann: “Finished.”

Bachmann’s appearance on “Fallon” contrasted sharply with fellow candidate Herman Cain’s appearance on David Letterman’s “Late Show” last Friday, when Letterman and the candidate had a spirited exchange about a number of topics, including the sexual harassment allegations leveled against Cain. (Cain had already appeared previously on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”)

Herman Cain on ‘Letterman,’ ‘Kimmel:

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