‘Desperate Housewives’: Dana Delany, Kyle MacLachlan Returning in Final Season

Dana Delany on 'Castle' (ABC)

Dana Delany on 'Castle' (ABC)

As “Desperate Housewives” comes to a close this season, fans should be getting ready to not only see where we leave the stories of the ladies on Wisteria Lane, but they should brace themselves for the return of some old friends, namely Dana Delany and Kyle MacLachlan.

Michael Ausiello at TVLine is reporting that the two departed cast members have been resigned to appear some time before the show’s May finale. Also coming back is Andrea Bowen, who played Julie.

Delany has been working on the ABC drama “Body of Proof,” which is why she left “Housewives” in the first place. But, after that 13-episode commitment is done, she should be available to her old show. As for MacLachlan? He’s been everywhere, from “Portlandia” to “How I Met Your Mother,” so he may just have been busy in general.

The drama’s showrunner, Bob Daily, told Ausiello that bringing back folks like Delany and MacLachlan is helping the final-season plan come together. “We want this season to feel like a bookend, so we would love to bring back some familiar faces and tie up some loose ends — and God knows there are plenty of loose ends.’

Watch the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives”:

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