Wood Investigation Continues as Robert Wagner is ‘Arrested’ on ‘NCIS’

Robert Wagner (left) and Michael Weatherly in "NCIS" (Photo: CBS)

Robert Wagner (left) and Michael Weatherly in "NCIS" (Photo: CBS)

Timing in life is everything so how peculiar is it that the re-opening of the investigation into Natalie Wood‘s death 30 years ago came one week before her then husband Robert Wagner played a man suspected of murder on “NCIS”?

Not weird enough to give “NCIS” record-breaking ratings on Tuesday night, but still enough for TV’s No. 1 drama to win the 8 p.m. timeslot.

That said, reports from Wood’s death investigation continue to make news. This morning the Huffington Post writes that Dennis Davern, the captain of The Splendour on the night that Natalie Wood died, passed a lie detector test in 2008. The reason for his taking the test was to legitimize the memoir he was writing — “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour” that was released in 2009 — about the events of that night in the waters off the coast of Catalina Island.

In addition to Davern, another witness has come forward. Marilyn Wayne, who states she was in a boat about 40-feet from The Splendour, says she heard a woman crying, “Somebody help me. I’m drowning.” She says it went on for about 25 minutes and then she heard someone say, “Oh, hold on. We’re coming to get you.” Not long after the cries stopped.

Watch coverage of the Natalie Wood case on “Today”:

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While the police continue to investigate, they say Wagner is not a suspect. His alter ego – Anthony DiNozzo Sr. — on Tuesday night’s episode of “NCIS” wasn’t so lucky.” When he is found passed out in an illegally parked Rolls Royce, the police discover the body of Lieutenant Dean Massey (Tom Schanley), a reserve Naval officer, in his trunk.

Despite the fact that Senior is the father of a member of the NCIS, team, they arrest him and unceremoniously cuff him, while Tony Jr. (Michael Weatherly) is forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines.

It doesn’t look good for Senior when he reveals he was in town to wrap up a real estate deal and get millions in a finder’s fee – only to be stiffed by the victim. Unfortunately, the meeting was taped, so Senior looks even guiltier when he is shown promising to kill the guy.

When Gibbs (Mark Harmon) interrogates Senior, he admits making the threat, but he explains he left and went to a bar to have a few drinks and that is the last thing he remembers. Even Gibbs thinks this is unusual because Tony’s dad is known to be able to hold his liquor.

Things look brighter for a moment when it looks as if Massey may have been killed by a fellow officer –Navy Lieutenant Gregory Dennis (Ron Melendez) — who he was going to testify against. At least, it gives the team 24 hours before they’ll have to turn the case over to the FBI and put Senior in prison.

Again, Junior is warned to stay away from the case, but when the murder weapon turns out to be the vintage bottle of wine that Senior bought the day that Junior was born – and Dennis’ alibi holds up, Senior once again is the only suspect. Junior can take it no longer and springs into action.

First, he talks to his father against orders and then suspicious of something his dad said, he heads out to the bar which was the last place Senior remembers being. Will it be enough to save Senior from life in prison? Watch the “Sins of the Father” episode of “NCIS” to find out!

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