‘Revenge’: An Amanda By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like A Boat

Thursday, as we gorge ourselves on turkey in celebration of the pilgrims, let us give thanks for the most quotable episode of “Revenge” yet, “Suspicion.” Amuse and impress your relatives by passing off Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Tyler’s (Ashton Holmes)  bon mots as your own.

Lydia (Amber Valetta) remembers Victoria (Madeline Stowe) telling her she hated her and would never accept her at the benefit she attended before her swan dive off the roof. Lydia stops swallowing the pills that Victoria gives her. The cops search the Grayson manse because Frank’s cell phone was tracked to inside their house. The cop knows Frank and Victoria were in regular contact and that Conrad fired Frank shortly before the murder. They find Frank’s phone in the garden, thanks to Nolan and Emanda’s hard work last week. Victoria warns Conrad (Henry Czerny) the cops are coming for him. He rightfully thinks he’s being framed by whoever put the cameras in Lydia’s apartment. He tells Victoria that if he goes down he’ll see that, “Everything you cherish is ripped from those greedy little paws of yours.” Lydia tells Conrad that Victoria is holding her hostage. She asks him to get her out of there.

Amily (Margarita Leveiva), who is now going by  the name Cara, visits Jack (Nick Weschler) on Amanda the Boat. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) sees her lounging on the deck in her Daisy Dukes. He tells Emanda that, “Amanda is on the Amanda!” Emanda bolts from the Grayson volleyball game, where Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Tyler are battling it out. Amily tells Emanda she is tired of running, and can pretend to be Cara. Nolan attempts to be a good bro by warning Jack that “Cara” is a nomad. Then he tells Emanda, “Spoiler alert: your girl talk with Miss Montauk didn’t work.”  Emanda flashes back to quizzing Amily about her father and Jack.Nolan tells Cara to take the money and run. She refuses, saying Emanda told her Nolan used to visit her father in jail.

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Amily and Jack go sailing, Titanic style. Jack is King of the World’s Nicest Guys. They kiss. Amily cries, saying things haven’t been right for her in a very long time time. Jack, King of the Bad Puns: “We’re in the same boat.”  She tells him Nolan isn’t a friend of hers; he knew “her” father many years ago – so did he. Jack looks at her in seeming recognition: “Amanda?” How many faux identities can one character have?

Conrad challenges Daniel and Tyler to land high rollers at the new investor party. First one to bag a whale gets to keep the whole commission. Tyler sums up the battle: “Ambition Versus Nepotism. Game On.” Tyler gives Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) a designer dress. Nolan realizes Tyler swiped his credit card and calls him to ask, “$5000 dresses? Exactly what kind of kink are you into Tyler?” Tyler wants Nolan to be his client. He will only have to invest 20 million. Nolan passes on the offer, saying he is leaving to meet another friend and Tyler better not steal anything. Tyler searches Nolan’s computer. Nolan’s whale camera gets footage of Tyler pasting together Lydia’s speech about Victoria. Nolan calls Emanda, to say “The talented Mr. Hamptons somehow got ahold of a speech by the unbreakable Lydia Davis.” Zing! He tells her Tyler googled David Clarke. Emanda thinks Nolan should invest with Tyler to keep him occupied until they find the speech. Then Nolan can rescind the investment.


Emanda asks why Victoria dislikes her so much, saying she regrets hiding her juvenile records, but everyone has things from their past they wish they could change. Victoria flashes back to Emanda’s Dad searching for his computer. He asks Victoria to stay for breakfast and meet Amanda. Victoria asks to keep their relationship a secret a little while longer. In the present, she warns Emanda not to hurt Daniel. Emanda wants to work out their differences. Victoria agrees, for Daniel’s sake. Emanda says they could be family someday. Daniel asks Emanda about bailing on the volleyball game. She claims she had to make a statement to the police about Frank. Daniel blames Victoria for her being under her suspicion. She warns that Victoria wants to separate him from anyone who will take him away from her. The only way to stop her is to forgive her.

Victoria takes Charlotte’s phone and car keys to keep her away from Declan (Connor Paolo). Victoria goes to the Stowaway and asks Declan, who is clad only in a towel, how much it will cost her to get him to stay away from Charlotte. He tells her he cares more about Charlotte than money. She tells him the romance is doomed and she is trying to help Declan. Declan tells Charlotte they need to talk. Charlotte tells Victoria that Declan broke up with her — she got what she wanted. Victoria tells her it’s for the best and gives her back her things. Later, Charlotte shows up at Declan’s. He tells her he asked for 100 k and Victoria countered with 25. They kiss.


All of that was just set up. Things get crazy at the investors party! Emanda speaks Japanese with a Japanese investor. She tells him she fears she is losing control. He tells her, “As you warned, rvenge is a stormy path. Inside the vipers nest you must be a viper too.” Then he asks her how he can be of service. Nolan suggests to Tyler that they negotiate in private. As they kiss, which is again not shown — what gives ABC? Does all gay sex have to be as wholesome like “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Callie and Arizona? Gay people have the right to be sordid too! – – Ashley walks in on them. Nolan: “Hey Ash, love the dress!” Tyler chases after her. Ashley says, “I’m such an idiot and you’re a bastard.” Tyler retorts, “No I’m whatever I need to be whenever I need to be it.” He claims he’s playing gay to get his hands on Nolan’s money, then tells her to stop being Victoria’s lackey and get in the game. Nolan finds Lydia’s speech.Tyler wins the contest because Nolan commits to invest. Tyler tells Daniel, “Side out, bitch.”

Victoria apologizes to Emanda and asks Daniel to move back home. He politely declines. Conrad tells Victoria he moved Lydia out while she was busy stabbing people in the back. Ashley asks Victoria why she hired her. Victoria says because she’s close to Emily. Ashley warns that Emily can be tricky. Victoria invites her to brunch. Ashley calls her by her first name.

Apres party, Jack visits Emanda and teels her that Cara is Amanda and doesn’t want anybody to know. She wants to keep her identity secret, but he told her he can trust Emanda. He introduces Amily to Emanda – as Amanda! Flashback to Amily telling Emanda she’ddo amything for her – and them using each other’s names. Then Emanda, in her motel room, calls the Japanese guy from the party. He invites her to Japan for training. Emanda has a sensei!

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