‘The Office’: Staples to Launch Dunder Mifflin-Branded Paper

Ed Helms in "The Office" (Photo: NBC)

Ed Helms in "The Office" (Photo: NBC)

It’s amazing to think that, in eight seasons of “The Office” that no one’s taken the opportunity to put out Dunder Mifflin-branded paper products. Sure, even if the paper is as boring as… well, paper, you’d think that people would rush to snap up reams with the DM logo, even if it’s just for ironic poops and giggles.

Well, Staples (who else?) has finally figured out that there might be money in this and have licensed the Dunder Mifflin name to use on a line of paper products, according to The Wall Street Journal (via Splitsider). The packages will have slogans that have been mentioned during the series (we think… talk about using a fleeting joke), like “Get Your Scrant On.”

The WSJ article calls it “reverse product placement,” which is cheaper for companies than placing their product on the show itself. In Staples’ case, of course, the office megachain has been portrayed as DM’s evil main competitor; Dwight (Rainn Wilson) even worked in one after he quit the Scranton branch in a huff. So it’s not the first go-around between the producers of the NBC comedy staple (get it?) and the chain.

But would you be willing to pay a few bucks extra to buy Dunder Mifflin paper? Once you take the wrapper off, it just looks like paper. We’d imagine the novelty would wear off pretty quickly, especially when you’re trying to pull a jammed sheet of DM paper out of your office’s copier.

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