Ricky Martin to Shake It on ‘Glee’

Oh what a (stunt-casting) circus! Broadway’s newest Che, aka Ricky Martin, will be guesting on “Glee” in an episode early next year, according to TVLine.

Remember when “Glee” god Ryan Murphy said there’d be no big-name guest stars for Season 3? Clearly he didn’t anticipate casting a former member of Menudo, because you cannot get bigger than THAT.

The original liver of la vida loca will show up as Ohio’s sexiest Spanish teacher, which is apparently not a title Senor Schue had in the bag. He’ll be featured in two musical numbers, which should not in any way pull focus from the regular cast members we were promised to see more of this season. That’s what the “Glee Project” winners are there for.

Martin cut his American-TV teeth in the 90s on “General Hospital,” and he previously graced a Broadway stage as Marius in “Les Miserables.” So he’s proved he can do soapy melodrama and musical theater, but can he handle “Glee’”s wry comedic undertone that made Gwyneth such a successful guest star (Mary Todd Lincoln, anyone?)?

Hopefully the show will be a fitting training ground before Martin sets off to fill Mandy-Patinkin-sized shoes in “Evita” next spring. Ooooh, what if Glee could nab Mandy Patinkin? Now HE would be a guest star worth breaking a no-stunt-casting clause for….

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