Watch: ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Wins Both Showcases With Great Bid

Double Showcase win on "The Price is Right" (CBS)

Double Showcase win on "The Price is Right" (CBS)

Ever since Tery Kniess somehow managed to exactly guess the price of a Showcase on “The Price is Right” three years ago, the producers there have tried to shake up the formula, and offer prizes whose price tags can’t be so easily guessed. This has led to wild overbids, double overbids (leading to the signature “TPiR” tuba “loser” music), and underbids that are thousands of dollars off.

But on yesterday’s episode, a contestant named Rachel won big by coming within $99 of her showcase, which is the best guess we’ve seen since Kniess’. Rachel bid on a “Cyber Monday” package that contained a computer, a 3D HDTV, a Wii and a Jeep Compass. Because her winning bid was within$250 of the MSRP, she also won the other showcase, which included a ski boat and a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Not a bad haul for Rachel.

The ironic thing is that her opponent’s bid wasn’t bad; he only missed by less than $1500. But watch Drew Carey‘s reaction to how the reveal played out. It certainly much better than the not-so-enthused reaction he had to Kneiss’ perfect bid (he and the producers thought he had help).

Watch the big win on “The Price is Right” (around the 35:50 mark):


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