Holiday Gift Guide: DVD Complete Collections

Big Love

‘Big Love: The Complete Collection’ brings together the series’ uniquely crafted story arc about modern day polygamists Bill Henrickson, his three wives (Barb, Nicki and Margene), and nine children as they struggle to overcome the myriad of challenges brought about by their beliefs, lifestyle and Bill’s entrepreneurial and political ambitions. The complete collection includes all 53 episodes from all five seasons, plus all of the extra features from the individual releases that offer additional insight into the Henrickson family dynamics. Features include “Inside the Episodes,” “Their Stories So Far,” “Big Love: A Balancing Act on Ice,” “Big Love: End of Days,” three prequels, three mini-episodes and audio commentaries. Pre-order the complete collection right here.


After 10 incredible seasons, ‘Smallville: The Complete Series‘ is now available on DVD. This ultimate collector’s set for the ultimate fan features over 192 hours of content – including all 218 episodes, over five hours of newly added special features such as an unaired, never-before-seen Superboy pilot from 1961, a retrospective look at the series with over 100 minutes of season featurettes, a decade of Comic-Con featurette and more. In addition, exclusive printed materials include a Daily Planet newspaper, written by DC Comics, that highlights the important storylines developed during the 10-year run of the show and an episode guide with never-before-seen production art (storyboards/sketches) and behind-the-scenes photos. Smallville: The Complete Series is presented in highly collectable new packaging consisting of two lay-flat picture books that hold 62 discs.This modern retelling of a hero’s legendary origins blends realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent completes his epic journey by claiming his birthright as the world’s ultimate hero – Superman. Buy the complete series.

Little House on the Prairie

Bring one of television’s all-time top family dramas home for the holidays with ‘Little House on the Prairie: The Complete 9 Season Set.’ The collection contains all nine seasons and 203 episodes of the beloved series, plus hours of special features including the television pilot movie that birthed the show, extensive interviews and featurettes, audio commentaries and more. One of the most successful of all TV family drama series, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was based on the autobiographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Michael Landon, the series’ executive producer and occasional writer/director, headed the cast as Charles Ingalls, a Wisconsin farmer who moved himself and his family to the small town of Walnut Grove, MN, in the early 1870s. Karen Grassle co-starred as Charles’ wife, Caroline; Melissa Sue Anderson was seen as eldest daughter Mary; Melissa Gilbert played middle daughter Laura (aka “Half-Pint”); and twins Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush shared the role of youngest daughter Carrie. As the series progressed, there were several more additions to the Ingalls household: Caroline bore a fourth daughter named Grace (played by twins Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh); Charles and Caroline adopted an orphan named Albert (Matthew Laborteaux), and later took in another brace of orphans named Cassandra and James Cooper (Jason Bateman, Missy Francis); and during the series’ final season, grown-up daughter Laura took charge of her niece Jenny (Shannon Doherty). Inasmuch as the series remained on NBC for nine seasons, it hardly needs saying that the two oldest Ingalls daughters literally grew up in full view of millions of fans. Mary eventually went blind due to a progressive disease, whereupon she relocated to a school for the blind in the Dakota Territory. There she met and fell in love with her teacher, likewise blind, named Adam Kendall (Linwood Boomer). Buy the complete collection right here.

The L Word

It’s a woman’s world as an extraordinary collection ‘The L Word: The Complete Series‘ is now available in a special 25-disc box set. Featuring an exclusive, never-before-seen 2011 cast reunion, the set includes every episode of the smart, provocative series about a tight-knit group of women who inhabit Los Angeles’ lesbian community. Re-experience all the beauty and chaos of the fan-favorite series that follows a fascinating group of women as they navigate through their lives and loves. Filled with complex characters, some straight and some gay, ‘The L Word’ aired for six acclaimed seasons, creating both a loyal fan base and television history with its groundbreaking portrayal of the lesbian community. A must-have collection for fans of the series, ‘The L Word: The Complete Series’ not only includes every episode, but also arrives dressed to the nines with hours of special bonus materials. Led by an ensemble cast including Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels, Janina Gavankar, Leisha Hailey, Lauren Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Marlee Matlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniela Sea, Rachel Shelley, Rose Rollins, Sarah Shahi, and Pam Grier, with special guest star Cybill Shepherd, the series remains one of the most revolutionary shows in television history. Buy the complete series right here.

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Baseball’s Greatest Games

MLB has opened its archive of classic, historic, singular, and momentous games and compiled the 10 classics: ‘Baseball’s Greatest Games.’ Fans across the globe will be able to view the original television broadcasts and witness history in its competitive context as it unfolded inning-by-inning and pitchby-pitch. Some of the games include unmatched milestones, singular achievements, or historic grandstandrocking
heroics. Others provide a glimpse into the timeless perfection of performance. ‘Baseball’s Greatest Games’ includes the following full games spanning from 1960 through 2004:

• 1960 World Series, Game 7 aka The Maz Game (Pirates v. Yankees) – Pirates win the 1960 World Series with Maz’s historic homer!
• 1975 World Series, Game 6 aka The Carlton Fisk Game (Red Sox v. Reds) – BoSox win this 1975 all-time Fall Classic with Carlton Fisk’s homer!
• 1979 Philadelphia Phillies v. Chicago Cubs @ Wrigley Field – Phillies win the 1979 Wrigley Field Slugfest. Collect this classic game!
• 1985 NLCS Game 5 Cardinals v. Dodgers aka the Ozzie Smith game – Cardinals beat the Dodgers in this 1985 matchup featuring Ozzie Smith’s game changing homer!
• 1986 World Series, Game 6 aka The Mookie Wilson Game (Mets v. Red Sox) – Mets beat the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series featuring Mookie Wilson’s game-winner!
• 1991 World Series, Game 7 aka The Jack Morris Game (Twins v. Braves) – Twins beat the Braves with Morris’ 10-inning shutout “The Greatest World Series Ever” – ESPN
• 1992 NLCS Game 7, Atlanta Braves v. Pittsburgh, aka the Sid Bream game – Braves win this 1992 NLCS game against the Pirates with Bream’s historic slide home!
• 1993 World Series, Game 6 aka The Joe Carter Game (Blue Jays v. Phillies) – Blue Jays win the 1993 World Series Game 6 Featuring Carter’s homer!
• 2003 ALCS, Game 7 aka The Aaron Boone Game (Red Sox v. Yankees) – Yankees win the 2003 ALCS Game 7 against the Red Sox with Boone’s epic homer!
• 2004 ALCS, Game 4 aka The David Ortiz Game (Red Sox v. Yankees) – Red Sox win the 2004 ALCS matchup against the Yankees with Ortiz’s historic Homer!
Buy the World Series collection right here.

Queer As Folk

Hailed by critics as witty, daring, and unapologetic, the four-time BAFTA-nominated drama and inspiration for Showtime’s popular remake, ‘Queer as Folk: The Complete U.K. Collection‘ is now available on DVD. Aidan Gillen (The Wire, Identity) stars as an unrepentant rake, wreaking havoc in Manchester’s gay scene in this groundbreaking series created and written by BAFTA and Hugo Award-winner Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Grand) and co-starring Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Children of Men). Produced in 1999-2000 and broadcast on the Ovation Channel in 2010, Queer As Folk celebrates gay culture while tackling universal themes of friendship, love, and self-acceptance. The 3-disc set includes all of Series 1 and 2, along with 131 min. of previously unavailable bonus materials, including deleted and extended scenes with commentary, “What The Folk…?” featurette, behind-the-scenes interviews, a 20-page booklet by the series’ creator, and more. Stuart Alan Jones (Aidan Gillen) is a rich, handsome rake, commanding Manchester’s gay scene with his devil-may-care confidence and potent sexual charisma. His shy best friend, Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly, Titanic), harbors a not-so-secret crush on Stuart and frequently gets stuck cleaning up his messes. When Stuart has a tryst with teenager Nathan (Charlie Hunnam)—newly out of the closet and bursting with excitement—the one-night stand changes their lives in unexpected ways. This captivating series became a television phenomenon in the U.K. and inspired the long-running American remake on Showtime (2000-2005). Buy the complete U.K. collection right here.

Laurel & Hardy Essential Collection

Celebrating the genius of the most beloved comedy team of all time, ‘Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection’ is now available in a stunning 10-disc set. With a comedic style that defined an era and created a legacy that is still celebrated today, 58 of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy’s talking shorts and feature films, produced under legendary movie mogul Hal Roach from 1929 through 1940, are now available for the first time in the U.S. all together in one magnificent collection. Transferred in high definition for the first time and digitally enhanced for home viewing in the finest quality available to date, the set contains favorites that have been enjoyed for generations including Helpmates, Hog Wild, Another Fine Mess, Sons of the Desert, Way Out West, and the Academy Award winning film The Music Box. ‘Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection’ comes housed in collectible, book-style packaging with an extensive, detailed film guide. The set also boasts over two hours of special features including exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with comedy legends Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis, Tim Conway and more, who discuss the enduring impact and influence of Laurel and Hardy. Buy the Essential Collection set right here.

It Takes a Thief

Fusing the heist and espionage genres, ‘It Takes A Thief‘ was an action-adventure series that aired on ABC for two-and-a-half seasons between January 9, 1968, and March 24, 1970. Marking the TV debut of six-time Golden Globe Nominee Robert Wagner (Austin Powers, “Hart to Hart”), the cult classic series was inspired by Hitchcock’s 1955 Cary Grant film, To Catch a Thief, and was among the last of the 1960s spy television genre. Never-before-available on any format, Entertainment One presents ‘It Takes A Thief’: The Complete Series in a collectible 18-disc set containing all 66 digitally remastered episodes and a host of bonus featurettes and extras. Stealing to finance his life as a playboy and sophisticate, Alexander Mundy (Wagner) was the world’s greatest cat burglar… until the day he got caught. But thievery skills are an asset in the world of espionage, so Mundy is pardoned when he agrees to use his wily ways to help steal for the SIA, an American espionage agency. Technically under house arrest, Mundy then travels the world over, performing daring acts of thievery in the name of Uncle Sam. He also works closely with SIA department head, Noah Bain (‘70s TV mainstay, Malachi Throne), his boss, aide, friend and watchdog.It was Throne who also lent his deep distinctive voice to the split-screen credit sequence set to Dave Grusin’s memorable theme, saying: “Oh, look, Al, I’m not asking you to spy, just asking you to steal.” Buy the complete series right here.


Long before the current live action Transformers franchise took over the box office and introduced giant alien robots to a new generation, there was a sweeping animated sci-fi epic that delivered “mecha” to the masses: ‘Robotech.’ Arriving on U.S. airwaves in the mid-80s via syndication, the legendary space opera – one of the very first anime imports — helped to usher in the multi-billion dollar anime industry and now, through the cult classic curators at A+E Networks Home Entertainment, the influential series is reborn on DVD. Working in close conjunction with original Robotech producer Harmony Gold, the franchise will be available in a handsomely-designed collector’s set featuring all 85 re-mastered episodes of the engaging and dramatic anime classic. The specially-priced 17-disc setl also features four exclusive bonus discs with more than 10 hours of bonus content – much of which is new to DVD. A sweeping science-fiction anime epic, ‘Robotech’ was set at the turn of the millennium, when a mysterious spacecraft crash-landed on a South Pacific island. The secrets of alien knowledge aboard this vessel were unlocked, leading to the development of “Robotechnology” and the creation of a vast arsenal of robotic “mecha” to defend the Earth against the alien threats that would eventually strike, attempting to lay claim to the mysterious power source known as “protoculture.” Told through the eyes of characters caught in a successive series of three extraterrestrial invasions, the saga was the first anime series that many fans had seen, and is often credited with the explosion of anime fandom that continues to grow in the U.S. today. Buy the complete series right here.

Rosemary & Thyme

Combining glorious gardens with classic whodunits, ‘Rosemary & Thyme: The Complete Collection’ is now available in a newly re-authored 7-volume collector’s edition, now with subtitles. Felicity Kendal (Good Neighbors, The Camomile Lawn) and Pam Ferris (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Matilda) star in this popular British mystery series broadcast on public television and from the producer of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Filmed on location in some of Europe’s most spectacular gardens, the release features all 22 episodes, brimming with top-notch guest stars, eccentric characters, and great chemistry from its gardening detectives–-plus bonus interviews, production notes, and much more. Stunning gardens provide the backdrop for this hit British mystery series starring Felicity Kendal as Rosemary Boxer and Pam Ferris as Laura Thyme, professional gardeners and amateur sleuths. From their former careers as a university plant biologist and a police officer, Rosemary and Laura bring unique investigative talents to their horticultural and human mysteries. Buy the complete collection right here.

Jem and the Holograms

In 1985 the “truly outrageous” TV show ‘JEM And The Holograms‘ premiered to the delight of young girls and boys. This new animated series focused on the dual life of beautiful Jerrica Benton, co-owner of Starlight Music, and her pop star alter-ego, Jem, lead singer for the all-girl band JEM And The Holograms. With its unique story line combination of drama, action, romance and music, JEM and The Holograms was a smash hit and became an icon for a decade. Its message of glamour, glitter, fashion and fame helped define a generation! Now you can relive the adventures of JEM And The Holograms and their archrivals, The Misfits and The Stingers, in this first-ever complete collector’s edition 11-DVD box set. All 65 episodes of the hit series are included, accompanied by an exclusive bonus disc of brand-new and archival material rarely seen! Buy the Truly Outrageous complete series right here.

The Pacific/Band of Brothers Giftset

Considered two of the finest depictions of the sweeping panorama of World War II, the HBO Miniseries ‘Band of Brothers‘ and ‘The Pacific‘ are being offered, for the first time, in one ultimate collector’s edition – just in time for holiday giving. ‘Band of Brothers/The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set’ is available in an all-new premium packaging including both ten-episode miniseries, all the special features from previous editions, plus the exclusive never-before-seen documentary “He Has Seen War.” The giftset is packaged in an all-new, premium case featuring maps from the European and the Pacific fronts of World War II as well as high-gloss sweeping photography from both productions. The set also features an all-new bonus disc featuring the exclusive, never-before-seen documentary “He Has Seen War” featuring surviving veterans of Easy Company and the 1st Marine Division, whose stories are told in ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific.’ From their initial steps in reintegrating into civilian life to the lasting impact the war had on each of their lives, “He Has Seen War” features veterans and their families relaying their own unique stories. Buy the Blu-ray Giftset right here.

The Universe

Immerse yourself in an astonishing exploration of space with all 63 episodes (across five seasons) of this epic series from History. Shot in HD with stunning footage from NASA and packed with state-of-the-art CGI graphics ‘The Universe‘ Mega Collection Blu-ray takes viewers on a visually arresting journey across the galaxy to bring the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos a little closer to home. Delve into the cataclysmic events that set the stage for life, and visit sites where Earth’s birthing process is still in evidence. Relive astronomical triumphs, from the first crude lenses that were able to magnify celestial bodies to probes that blaze to the most distant planets. See the hottest events in the sky, from colliding celestial bodies to collapsing suns. And venture into the uncharted territory of outer space through the visions, studies, and predictions of scientists and explorers on this journey of cosmic discovery, amazement, and adventure. Buy the complete series megaset Blu-ray right here.

Kids in the Hall

For five groundbreaking seasons, Canadian-bred comic prodigies ‘The Kids In The Hall‘ stretched sketch comedy to its ultimate limits with hilariously off-the-wall results. With a cast of comic creations only the brilliant—or truly twisted—could imagine, ‘The Kids in the Hall: The Complete Series’ presents the Kids’ nearly 800
sketches from every single episode of each season in this stunning 22-disc set with 50% less packaging, but 100% of the laughs! From the infamous Chicken Lady and Crushing Your Head to Buddy Cole and the romantically challenged Cabbage Head, these pioneering, edgy, and ever-charming comedians always managed to land on the stranger side of funny—and look good in floral dresses while doing it. This best-selling MegaSet, now refreshed with new eye-catching art in a slim, shelf space saving package, includes all five of the groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated series, plus two bonus discs featuring the new IFC 8-part mini-series Death Comes to Town, an all-new 8-episode comedy series that originally ran on IFC in 2010. Buy the complete series right here.

Romance Collection

‘The Romance Collection: Special Edition’ brings together eleven perennial favorites in an extraordinary 13-DVD set sure to delight all fans of sophisticated entertainment. Like no other films ever made, these lavish realizations capture every nuance of the celebrated stories that have enthralled generations of readers. Included among the 10 epic romances and nearly 30 hours of programming are star-studded best-sellers such as A+E’s all-time best-seller Pride and Prejudice, starring Oscar winner Colin Firth; Jane Eyre, starring Oscar nominee Samantha Morton; Catherine the Great, starring Oscar winner Catherine Zeta Jones; The Great Gatsby, starring Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and Vanity Fair, Thackeray’s classic with a screenplay by the writer who penned Pride and Prejudice. Also included are hours of bonus features such as behind-the-scenes featurettes, additional footage, photo galleries, and more. Buy the Romance Collection: Special Edition set right here.

The World Series Collection

MLB records and seasons change with time, but the legends and lore of the World Series on DVD will become indelible thanks to ‘The World Series Collection,’ a unique and magnificent collector’s set—the ultimate baseball memento. Elegantly displaying the iconic moments, thrilling heroics, triumphant favorites, and breathtaking upsets across seven decades of World Series Films, the handsomely-packaged set spans 66 years of baseball broken into 14 eras, and features 50 hours of remastered World Series Highlight Films, a foreword by Bob Costas, a 56-page narrative and pictorial essay on the Fall Classic since its origin in 1903. The drama and unforgettable images of baseball are the World Series moments celebrated from generation to generation and now these dynamic events have been preserved and commemorated in this one-of-a-kind collection—a timeless treasure that will become the ultimate centerpiece of any baseball fan’s DVD library. Buy the World Series Collection right here.

Girls Next Door

Hugh Hefner shows why he’s the world’s most envied man in ‘The Girls Next Door‘: The Complete Series, the fun-filled collection of every episode of the hit E! reality show about the ladies who share the Playboy Founder’s legendary lifestyle. For six eye-opening seasons, ‘The Girls Next Door’ dropped the towel to reveal all the goings-on at the Playboy Mansion and beyond, from exotic European escapades to sexy and scary campouts in the “wilds” of the Mansion’s backyard, from tender moments among friends and lovers to the occasional friendly rivalry among the Playmates. ‘The Girls Next Door: The Complete Series’ captures it all in 35 glorious hours, centering around the three original girls –Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson – as well as newcomers Crystal Harris (who came this close to becoming the next Mrs. Hef) and the centerfold twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon. The dynamic blondes may have moved on (Holly to headline a Las Vegas burlesque production and TV’s Holly’s World, Bridget to an acting career and Kendra to her own reality show as well as Dancing With the Stars), but here is where it all started. In addition to all 91 episodes of the top-rated series, the box set includes a wealth of enticing extras not shown on the original E! telecasts, including commentaries with the girls on every episode, outrageous deleted and extended scenes, and the pilot for the spinoff series The Bunny House. Buy the complete series collection right here.


Although the status of the U.S. space program is in flux, those wishing to explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos need to look no further than ‘Farcape’: The Complete Series Blu-ray Edition. Home viewers will be transported through a wormhole across a thousand galaxies to the stunningly original universe of this groundbreaking cult classic from The Jim Henson Company, finally available in spectacular hi-def. Bringing together all four complete seasons (88 episodes) and over 15 hours of bonus programming across 20 blu-ray discs, this definitive collection, optimized for HD from the European PAL masters – the highest quality available source elements — delivers the most optimal viewing experience for the unforgettable series. A+E Networks Home Entertainment, one of the pioneers of TV DVD collectibles, and The Jim Henson Company have worked closely together to guarantee that this Blu-ray Edition will satisfy the series loyal fan base. “With ‘Farscape’ we work hard to meet our fans’ high expectations and this new Blu Ray release utilizes the highest quality source materials available so I know our audience will not be disappointed,” said Brian Henson, Chairman of The Jim Henson Company and executive producer of ‘Farscape.’ “A+E Networks Home Entertainment has met all the challenges that, given the nature and age of the series, are inherent with a show like ‘Farscape’ and the result is that all four seasons of ‘Farscape’ look better than ever before.” The superb High-Def picture and sound isn’t the only cause for celebration as this set also includes a brand-new documentary: Memories of Moya: An Epic Journey Explored featuring revealing new interviews with creators Brian Henson and Rockne O’Bannon, writer Richard Manning, and stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black as they look back at the legacy of the sci-fi classic. In addition to this new documentary, the ‘Farscape’ Blu-ray set also includes ALL of the bonus material from the bestselling DVD release: over 15 hours episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, trailers, promos and more. Buy the complete series Blu-ray right here.

Mr. Magoo

Voiced by Jim Backus (Gilligan’s Island’s “Mr. Howell”), ‘Mr. Magoo’ is a wealthy, short-statured retiree who gets into a series of sticky situations as a result of his nearsightedness, compounded by his stubborn refusal to admit the problem. However, through uncanny streaks of luck, the situation always seems to work itself out for him, leaving him no worse than before. This set includes 26 episodes of The Mister Magoo Show (1960-61), 26 episodes of The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo (1964), the 1970 prime-time TV Movie Uncle Sam Magoo, 16 episodes of What’s New Mister Magoo? (1977), a 20-page commemorative book and interviews with cast members. Buy the Television Collection 1960-1977 right here

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