‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger Continues to Offend People

Patti Stanger (Bravo)

Patti Stanger (Bravo)

Now that “Millionaire MatchmakerPatti Stanger has done her part in offending gay and Jewish men all over the country from her recent “Watch What Happens Live” debacle on Bravo, she’s now moved on to broader ways of offending and annoying people as she sees fit.

During her “Millionaire Matchmaker” reunion show, which aired on Tuesday, Bravo host Andy Cohen asked the poochie-lipped reality star if she regretted saying that gay men were incapable of monogamy and that Jewish men were liars. Interestingly, the Stanger-Stinger admits her mea culpa.

“I couldn’t sleep knowing I hurt the gay community because they mean so much to me—this is my mission in life to help the gay community…I am the only one fixing them up on television,” she admits, while also crediting her show for helping spread gay marriage around the world.

As for Jewish men, she sure put the kibosh on the haters when she offered “proof” that she’s willing to believe they’re a trustworthy lot since—hey(!), she was once engaged to one! Now that settles it!

However, Patti does admit that right after her stereotype snafu, she went into hiding—but only for a week. According to her, after talking to God on the beach, a Voice popped into her head and revealed she must continue vomiting her thoughts out without thinking, albeit her execution “needs to be a little softer.”

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