‘Parenthood’: Which Braverman Loses It When Max Disappears?

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood (NBC)

Everyone acted like an adult on this week’s “Parenthood,” “Missing.” Even Baby Nora looks mature in a jean jacket. What brought on this uncharacteristic display of Braverman maturity? Dinosaurs, sprained wrists and new jobs.

Kristina (Monica Potter) is barely on speaking terms with Adam (Peter Krause) after his boneheaded handling of his smooch with Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) the sexy secretary.  Adam asks how long she will be angry at him. Hey, Adam, why don’t you ask her what you can do to make things right? Rachel is on the verge of quitting. but Crosby (Dax Shepard) tells her to stick it out.

Kristina starts her new job working on a local politician’s campaign. She offers Amber (Mae Whitman), who has no experience in politics or working in an office, a job as her assistant. Thus, after an exhaustive week-long job search that consisted of having her mother tell the rest of the Bravermans that she needs a job, a high school graduate gets a job that college grads would kill to have. Hooray for nepotism!

Kristina has to go to a meeting on Saturday, forcing her to cancel her plans to take Max to see dinosaurs at a museum. Adam has to work, too and is annoyed that Kristina did not tell him sooner. How come he didn’t tell Kristina he had to work? He’s as self-absorbed as Max, without the excuse of Aspergers. Haddie (Sarah Ramos) is ordered to babysit Max (Max Burkholder) for the day. Who is taking care of the kids during the week, and why can’t that person work Saturday? There’s a great moment where Kristina admits to Sarah (Lauren Graham) that she is excited to get out of the house and go to work. This Kristina is so much more likable than Kristina the control freak.

As Kristina prepares for her meeting, Rachel calls her to apologize for kissing her husband. Rachel must want to create more drama for herself, because she has to know that Kristina won’t want to talk to her. Kristina hangs up and puts her phone on silent.

Haddie refuses to take Max to the museum because she has to study. Max decides to go by himself, sneaks out of the house, and catches the bus. Adam flips out when Haddie tells him that Max is missing. Kristina doesn’t realize that Adam is frantically calling her because her phone is off. Max gets confused by all the noise of the city streets. Fortunately, the police instantly find him off-camera. By the time Kristina checks her phone, Max is on his way home. He doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Instead of  scolding him, or discussing the importance of letting other people know when he wants to go somewhere, his parents are about to let him off the hook.

Haddie snaps. She tells him they spent the whole day worrying about him, and he does not even care. She thinks he needs to start thinking about someone but himself. Go, Haddie!  If Max can handle a mainstream classroom he is capable of understanding why it is wrong to leave the house without telling anyone where he is going.

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Adam apologizes to Haddie for expecting her to pick up the slack while he and Kristina figure out how to coordinate their work schedules. Kristina blames herself because she had her phone on silent because she was mad. Adam, getting the hang of this apologizing thing, tells Kristina he is sorry he did not fire Rachel when he said he would. They make up in about thirty seconds, which seems too easy. Then Kristina calls Rachel and orders her not to kiss Adam again. Now that family harmony has been restored, everyone heads to the museum. Haddie is inexplicably dressed like a school teacher from 1957.

Zoe (Rosa Salazar) is still under the delusion that Julia (Erika Christensen) might buy her baby. Julia firmly tell her it is not going to happen. Zoe tells Julia that her boyfriend is not a bad guy. He wants the money to make Zoe’s life easier. Zoe obviously is looking for permission to break up with him. Sure enough, Zoe shows up later in tears because they had a big fight. She isn’t sure what will become of the baby since he won’t sign away the rights. Julia embraces her.

Jasmine (Joy Bryant) wakes up with Crosby and is appropriately horrified. She makes him leave. In the best line of the episode, Crosby says to Sarah, “So, speaking of Amber trying to get a job, I slept with Jasmine the other day.” Sarah advises him to figure out what he wants. When Jabbar hurts his wrist, Crosby takes him to hot doctor Joe, (D.B. Woodside). Crosby falls a little bit in love with him when he learns Joe left a Cal football game to help Jabbar. Crosby advises Jasmine not to tell Joe that they slept together. He will always love her, but she deserves the guy who is smarter, more responsible, better looking, and treats her better.

Sarah and Mark (Jason Ritter) have a good time babysitting Nora. He says he could see having a baby with her. Then he realizes she likes the idea. Given their age difference, if they don’t get started right away, they may end up buying Zoe’s baby.

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