Watch: Brian Williams Reads ‘Nightly News’ Over Fire Alarm

Brian Williams. (NBC)

Brian Williams. (NBC)

Besides being one of the funniest people on TV, Brian Williams is known for his calm nature, even when he’s reporting from the hottest of hotspots around the world. But even the coolest among us can get flustered by a piercingly-loud fire alarm. That’s what BriWi had to contend with last night on the “NBC Nightly News,” as a building fire alarm at 30 Rock blared on and off from the first minute of the newscast to the last.

Here’s how it sounded during the intro and Williams’ read of the top story, about American Airlines filing for bankrupcy:

[iframe 580 476]

Williams gamely plowed through, asking viewers for forgiveness, but you could clearly see the annoyance on his face. Why would the former New Jersey fire fighter stay in his seat if the fire alarms were going off around the building? Because it was part of a planned fire drill that just happened to be scheduled for the “Nightly News” air time. Weird, huh? 6:30 seems late for a fire drill, and you’d think that a) NBC would have persuaded 30 Rock’s landlord to not have the drill during a live broadcast of their evening news, and b) they would have found a way to turn the speakers off in a broadcast studio.

Either way, even though he was slightly annoyed and did flub a few TelePrompTer reads — hey, you try to read to a camera with a fire alarm blaring in your ears — Williams mostly rolled with it, making for a pretty memorable broadcast.

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