CBS Reveals ‘New’ Title for A.M. Show: ‘CBS This Morning’

CBS morning-show hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose (Photos: Getty Images)

CBS morning-show hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose (Photos: Getty Images)

The new name of the CBS morning show is actually an old one: “CBS This Morning.”

CBS News made the announcement Thursday morning as part of the ongoing lead-up to the debut Jan. 9 of the newly reconstituted morning broadcast featuring newcomer Charlie Rose co-hosting the first hour at 7 a.m./6c with Erica Hill and FOA (Friend of Oprah) Gayle King anchoring the second hour at 8/7c.

The new team was announced last month, but at the time, CBS had no new title to reveal, though officials at a news conference said the “Early Show” moniker was headed to the dustbin of TV history.

Not that that proverbial dustbin represents the end of the line for TV show titles necessarily. Take “CBS This Morning,” for example. That’s what the CBS morning show was titled from 1987 until 1999, when it first became “The Early Show” in an earlier revamp designed around incoming host Bryant Gumbel. And now, “CBS This Morning” is back. Oh, well.

Our take: We wish CBS luck, as we always do with these kinds of revamp efforts. But choosing an old name for its “new” morning show strikes us as, well, kind of looking back to the past, rather than focusing on the present or, more importantly, the future.

Had it been up to us (which it never is), we would have chosen something that sounded more urgent, more contemporary or “in your face” — something like “Wake Up! with Charlie, Gayle [etc.]” or “Get the [expletive deleted] Out of Bed!” or something of that nature.

In case you forgot, the “stars” of the original “CBS This Morning” back in ’87 were Harry Smith, Kathleen Sullivan and Mark McEwen.

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