In Lawsuit, Producer Claims Credit for TLC’s ‘Muslim’ Series

Muslim-American Nawal Aoude hits the gym on "All-American Muslim" (Photo: TLC)

An L.A. production company is saying TLC “stole” its idea for an unscripted series about Muslim-Americans that TLC turned into its current series “All-American Muslim.”

As a result, the production company, Visionaire Media, filed suit in Los Angeles Wednesday against TLC, alleging that the Discovery-owned cable channel owes the company money plus some sort of producer credit on the show. The details are reported in this story on the Hollywood Reporter Web site.

Seen Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC, “All-American Muslim” is just about halfway through its eight-episode, first-season run. The show depicts the “everyday lives” of five Muslim-American families living in Dearborn, Mich., a small city that is about one-third Muslim, according to TLC.

Like many of TLC’s other shows about lifestyles many of us are not familiar with — from polygamists (“Sister Wives”) to the world of kiddie beauty pageants (“Toddlers & Tiaras”) — “All-American Muslim” sheds light on Muslim-Americans who lead typical American lives — working, going to school, coaching (and rooting for) high school football teams, and attending services in their local houses of worship.

In a nutshell, the lawsuit claims that Visionaire brought this idea first to TLC and then, after getting an “oral” OK to go ahead with its development, began laying the groundwork for producing the series. Then, the suit alleges, one of its employees left the company and wound up working directly with TLC on basically the same series — the one that became “All-American Muslim.”

In the THR story, TLC had no comment. There’s been no word on whether “All-American Muslim” would get a second season.

Watch what happens when a Muslim women wants a table in a Michigan restaurant:

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Watch Full Episodes:

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