Puck’s Pelvis Ruptured!

Mark Salling (FOX)

Mark Salling (FOX)

Puck’s pelvic thrusts on “Glee” are about to be shelved, at least for a while.

Actor Mark Salling, who plays Puck on the show, revealed on his Twitter page that his moves will need rehabilitation for a while after suffering a broken pelvis. On the site, he revealed that “so apparently ive fractured my pelvis. one of the pitfalls of being a basketball weekend warrior. and guess what i can do about it? NOTHING!”

Those words apparently landed a bevy of sympathy from fans, as he later wrote, “really appreciate your warm words but its not that big of a deal. if anything im more productive. sitting is what sucks #blessingindisguise”

He is apparently still working in spite of the injury, posting a picture of himself on the show’s set on Wednesday. “Access Hollywood” reported that attempts to reach FOX were unsuccessful to see if production of the show would be affected by the injury.

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