Xfinity Facebook: Steve Picks His Favorite Movies

Almost every night around midnight EST we post a movie – our version of Midnight Flicks – on Xfinity’s Facebook page. In addition to watching these movies, subscribers like comment on them. We get a range of opinions. Last Wednesday night, we served up the John Cusack “romcom” “Must Love Dogs,” and one of our Facebook follows, a gentleman named Steve, poked fun at our use of the term “romcom.” Something about his tone made us think he was a film buff, and we were right. We offered to create a row of Steve’s picks if he would go through our selection of movies, over 3,000 of them on’s movie page, and pull out his 12 favorite. “OK Xfinity, I looked at everything you have at that link and did not discriminate between free and subscription,” Steve wrote us. Indeed, he scoured the entire site, more than 40 pages of movies, and did a sensational job, coming up with way more than 12, along with mini explanations for his choices. We learned of a few new movies from Steve’s list, and also learned we have similar taste. Most of all, our belief that our users are the best resource we have was confirmed. Check out Steve’s picks on the homepage and look below for his complete list. If you have ideas for movie rows, pick out your favorites from the movies on and leave them on the Xfinity Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.


Avatar: If you haven’t seen this, you are an escapee from a nursing home.

Black Swan: because you didn’t want to stay ignorant of what everybody else was talking about.

Apocalypto: because this movie will trip you out and stick to your ribs.

The Social Network: because I lived over four years in the middle of those sets and locations (including the Porcellian Club anteroom). Now Harvard has come to YOU.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: too well-done to ignore, and we’re getting very near the end; Hermione won’t look like a teenybopper forever.

Salt: excellent spy film with a suspenseful twist; the movie that made me finally admit I am a fan of Angelina Jolie.

Burlesque: for Christina at her best and that hot double-entendre old blues number that Kristen Bell knocked out of the park wearing great lingerie (even though ghost-sung).

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman: this is the latest one by the guy who wanted to take over after Shintaro Katsu died, and it’s not the best one; but if it gets you started on Zatoichi movies or samurai movies in general, you will thank me for the rest of your life.

Get Low: Robert Duvall should have gotten at least an Oscar nom for this.

Inside Job: and these fools are still running our economy. Why? Ask the President. I think he didn’t know any good economists on his own, being nouveau and all.

Eat Pray Love: because I like to get choked up too, and I’ve seen the Frank Capras too many times.

Get Him to the Greek: Russell Brands tops his perf in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and earns his 15 minutes of fame (and Katy Perry too, evidently).


Californication: this is a bit of a cheat because it’s a series; but it may be the best I’ve ever seen. Incredibly funny at times, with no laugh track, but gets serious too (it’s a “Dramedy.” See, I know those fancy media words, too; I was sandbagging).

Femme Fatale: would I watch a movie just to see a babe whose sex appeal drives me up the wall? Why yes, I would.

Buena Vista Social Club: one of the best music movies ever made and another reason we should drop the embargo of Cuba.

Johnny Mnemonic: there may never be a better cinema version of William Gibson’s cyberpunk stuff…but one can always hope.

Birth of a Nation: because you can’t be a respected film buff if you haven’t seen it.

Letters from Iwo Jima: for you war movie buffs; this one’s a humdinger.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
: oh my, the original with Hurd Hatfield; read the book too.

Pistol Opera: heh heh, those Japanese.

White Zombie: another horror fix; way better than that Twilight stuff.

Scarface: new people are born every day who haven’t seen “my little friend” and need to get the joke.

The Fifth Element: because it is one of those movies you will watch several times because you want to.

Endless Love: a movie with a message: sex is distracting from school and career.

Scream: wait, Halloween has come and gone.




Inception: so bogus with the time rules to make the special effects “hang together.”

Good Dick: great title, but painfully unwatchable.

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