Fox Biz Host Asks: Are Muppets ‘Brainwashing’ Your Kids?

On the left: Kermit the Frog; on the right: Eric Bolling of Fox Business (Photos: Getty Images)

On the left: Kermit the Frog; on the right: Eric Bolling of Fox Business (Photos: Getty Images)

Kermit a Commie? Well, whether or not the green one is a full-fledged red is anybody’s guess, but at least one Fox Business Network personality thinks Kermit and the rest of the Muppets are hopelessly liberal – and anti-business.

Eric Bolling of FBN’s “Follow the Money” show led a spirited discussion on the leftward political leanings of the famed plush toys last week, according to an account we unearthed on the Huffington Post right here.

Bolling and his guest – Dan Gainor of the right-leaning Media Research Center – agreed: The Muppets, along with the characters in the Pixar “Cars” movies, are anti-business and anti-corporation. Their conversation on puppet politics stemmed from the recent release of the new “Muppets” movie, in which Kermit the Frog and his leftist comrades portray an oil executive in a negative light. The character’s name is even derogatory, the FBN commentators fumed – “Tex Richman” (played by Chris Cooper).

Watch a “Common Sense” review of the new movie “The Muppets” here:
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“It’s amazing how far the left will go just to manipulate your kids, to convince them, give the anti-corporate message!” Gainor said. “[And] they’ve been doing it for decades! Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry. They hate corporate America. And so you’ll see all these movies attacking it, whether it was ‘Cars 2,’ which was another kids’ movie, the George Clooney movie ‘Syriana,’ ‘There Will Be Blood,’ all these movies attacking the oil industry, none of them reminding people what oil means for most people: fuel to light a hospital, heat your home, fuel an ambulance to get you to the hospital if you need that. And they don’t want to tell that story.”

As the HuffPost story points out, these benefits of oil were nowhere to be seen – or heard – in “The Muppets.” That’s no surprise to Gainor, who says this stuff has been going on for years. “This is what they’re teaching our kids,” the media watchdog said. “You wonder why we’ve got a bunch of Occupy Wall Street people walking around all around the country, they’ve been indoctrinated, literally, for years by this kind of stuff! Whether it was ‘Captain Planet’ or Nickelodeon’s ‘Big Green Help,’ or ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ the Al Gore-influenced movie, all of that is what they’re teaching, is that corporations is bad, the oil industry is bad, and ultimately what they’re telling kids is what they told you in the movie ‘The Matrix’: that mankind is a virus on poor old mother Earth!”

“Follow the Money” with Eric Bolling airs weeknights at 10/9c on Fox Business. According to the show’s description on the Fox Business Web site, “Follow the Money” takes “you inside the world of corruption, abuse of power, and shocking betrayals of public trust” by, among others, the Muppets, we presume.

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