TLC Orders Show About Deep-Sea Fishing Family


Take the inherent danger of “Deadliest Catch” and the locale and family dynamics and of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and what do you get? Well, TLC is about to find out, as they’ve picked up a show about a family of deep-sea fishers called “Hook, Line & Sisters,” according to Deadline.

The title indicates what the family will look like: The Andersons are based in Colorado but spend three months every year on a boat fishing off the Alaskan coast. The clincher is that the Andersons’ kids are two women in their twenties, one who loves working on the high seas and one who’d rather do anything but. It wouldn’t be a show if both kids loved their job, right?

The show, which premieres on December 29, shows how the family gets along on the boat — called Memry Annea, which not-so-coincidentally also is the name of the youngest daughter — and how the dad, Dean, puts his family’s well-being on the line for one big catch.

The odds are that this show will be more fun to watch than Palin’s show, because of the former governor’s tight control. What we’re looking forward to seeing Memry, described by Deadline as a “fashionista,” trying to reel in salmon while wearing heels.

Watch a scene from “Deadliest Catch”:

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