Dr. Phil Assisted On His Own Vasectomy, He Tells Newsweek

"Dr. Phil."

"Dr. Phil."

In one of the more bizarre links we’ve come across in some time, The Daily Beast reprints a story from sister publication Newsweek; in it, Dr. Phil McGraw talks about the spur-of-the-moment vasectomy he had after his first son was born. The bizarre part? He assisted on it himself.

Gross, right? What we learned by reading this piece is that, in his younger days, Phil was very impulsive in the surgery-on-his-manhood department: later in the story, he expresses regrets about getting snipped to a few of his hospital buddies, leading to a quickie reversal and sore trip home.

But the revelation about assisting on that vasectomy is the one we can’t get past. Even thirty or so years ago, when he had the procedure, it wasn’t all that complicated, but who would have the presence of mind to hand a surgeon sharp instruments that were then being used in such a sensitive location? We would have either passed out or insisted on having a nurse present.

Unfortunately, the picture we have now is of a young Phil, biting down on his belt while handing his doctor a scalpel as if he was getting shrapnel removed at a battlefield hospital, not getting a vasectomy in a doctor’s office in the late ’70s. Thanks for that imagery, Phil; it’ll be burned on our brains for months.

Watch Dr. Phil on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

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