Repubs, Dems Can’t Agree on Favorite Shows Either: Study

On the left: Jon Stewart; on the right: Jay Leno (Photos: Getty, NBC)

On the left: Jon Stewart; on the right: Jay Leno (Photos: Getty, NBC)

Republicans and Democrats disagree about so many things, so why not television?

New research reveals that members of the two rival factions have markedly different preferences when it comes to the TV shows they watch.

Some of the data will come as little or no surprise. In late-night, for example, Democrats prefer “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report” and “Late Show with David Letterman.” Republicans prefer “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” according to a report on the research on here.

According to EW, Republicans (including conservatives) gravitate more towards CBS police procedurals than Democrats (and liberals). Republicans also seem to prefer history shows and workplace reality shows such as “Swamp Loggers” and “American Pickers.” They also like “The Bachelor,” “The Biggest Loser” and ABC’s “Castle” more than Democrats do, according to this research conducted by Experian-Simmons.

Democrats prefer shows such as “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreation” and other shows that are relatively low-rated and yet critically acclaimed. Other Dem faves include “Glee” and “The View,” the study said.

The dislikes of Repubs and Dems are also fairly unsurprising. For example, Republicans don’t seem to appreciate Showtime’s pot show “Weeds” or the ultra-violent “Dexter,” and they’re not too keen on “Jon Stewart” either. Some of the least favorite shows among Democrats are “Dog, The Bounty Hunter,” “Cops,” “CSI: Miami” and “The Price is Right.”

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