Pitbull Rumors Suggest Ryan Murphy Has Changed His Tune About ‘Glee’ Stunt Casting

It seems that Ryan Murphy and his “Glee” casting directors have been hypnotized by hearing rapper Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me” on the radio so many times, because yes—they do want him.

Entertainment Weekly’s report that Pitbull is the latest recording star to be courted for a spot as Santana’s brother on Fox’s musical comedy has caused me to sincerely question Murphy’s sincerity when he claimed that he’d be nixing big-name guest stars in Season 3.

Did he ever intend to suppress his addiction to casting singing celebs as residents of what is quickly becoming the most talent-filled small town in America? My guess is that he did plan to cut back on stunt casting, presumably to (appropriately) give more screen time and musical numbers back to the oodles of series regulars.

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But with this season performing steadily lower in the ratings than last season, maybe Murphy and Co. are feeling slightly desperate to regain some attention and momentum. Perhaps he figures going back on his word is the surest way to light a fire under the show again. At this rate, it would surprise no one if the next significant roles to be cast—Rachel’s dads—will be famous faces as well.

Since Pitbull would be playing the son of fellow superstar guest Gloria Estefan, I can’t pretend I wouldn’t be thrilled to see some kind of familial “Conga/Give Me Everything” mash-up. Or since he’ll be the first rapper (other than, uh, Matthew Morrison and Kevin McHale) to appear on the show, maybe they’ll baptize him by fire and ask for a hip-hop take on something like a Rodgers & Hammerstein classic. We’ll know soon enough.

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