‘Revenge’: Trust No One But Sammy The Wonder Dog

Revenge (ABC)

Revenge (ABC)

You think you have a handle on all of the byzantine relationships on “Revenge“? Last night’s episode, “Loyalty,” tears them all asunder. By the end, our antiheroine Emanda is really, truly alone — and she has no one to blame but herself.

Break Ups #1 & #2: Tyler/Nolan and Emanda/Nolan

Emanda (Emily VanCamp) does martial arts with her billionaire sensei, Takeda. On one hand, he’s a karate-chopping, ancient wisdom spouting cliche. On the other, the character was created at the request of a Japanese network that airs the show. That’s right. “Revenge” is big in Japan. The actor who plays Takeda, Hiroyuki Sanada, is a major Japanese movie star. Takeda Mr. Myagi’s that Emanda needs to beware developing real feelings for Daniel. He advises that she get Victoria to take out Amily. If she succeeds, will we see Victoria wielding her own red sharpie of vengeance?

Victoria (Madeline Stowe) tells Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) that she can be upgraded from event planner to BFF if she gets Daniel (Josh Bowman) to move back home. Tyler (Ashton Holmes) gloats to Ashley that Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is wiring him the 20 million investment. He takes his final Clozapine pill, a medication used to treat Schizophrenia. Ashley, not thrilled that she saw him kissing a man whose hair is prettier than hers, asks if he’s bi. He says what he is is ambitious and suggests she join him. Tyler scores 500 chutzpah points.

Nolan shows Emanda the footage of Tyler Googling David Clarke. Emanda tells him to pull his investment, making him call his business manager in front of her. She finds the video of Tyler and Nolan’s sexscapade. She is shocked that there is no footage of them kissing.

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Daniel tells Emanda that Conrad (Henry Czerny) wishes Tyler were his son, hilariously saying that Tyler has the magic touch with Nolan. Emanda claims that Tyler is blackmailing Nolan. At dinner with Takeda, Emanda speaking Japanese, persuades Takeda to invest 50 million with Daniel so she can get access to Conrad’s files. Wouldn’t it be funny if Daniel could speak Japanese and was onto her?

Conrad tells Tyler that Daniel landed Takeda. Tyler points out that Daniel won’t get commission like he did. Daniel, ticked, tells his Dad about Tyler literally bending over backward to land Nolan. Conrad fires Tyler for blackmailing Nolan with a sex tape. Tyler, surprised that there is a tape, blows Conrad and every viewer’s mind by revealing that he knows that Conrad and Victoria framed David Clarke for the plane crash. Tyler could get all the money he wants just by blackmailing Conrad. Instead, he wants a job. He’s a psycho with a Puritan work ethic.

Nolan tells Tyler he is pulling his investment. Tyler confronts him about the tape. Nolan shows it to him, then tells him he did not give it to Conrad. Tyler throws his laptop in the pool, pocketing the whale flashdrive. He tells him they could have been a good team,but now he is just as lonely and pathetic as the day they met. Yes, Nolan, with his billion dollars and his genius I.Q. is the pathetic one.

Tyler watches the footage of Lydia and Conrad. Now the only he thing he does not know about is the Amily/Emanda identity swap. Nolan confronts Emanda about revealing the sex tape. She thinks he has been undermining her by encouraging Jack to pursue her. He tells her he is done playing her games. She says she never asked him to be a part of her plan. He reveals that her father did. It’s good that he’s gone and can’t see what she’s become. The Emandlan ship has sailed!

Daniel tells Emanda he wants to move home because he has a bad vibe about Tyler. Takeda observes them kissing and says she is in love with Daniel. She asks him not to abandon her. He tells her the decision was hers and she is on her own.

Hook Up #1: Jack and Amily

Sammy the wonder dog hates Amily (Margarita Levieva). Jack does not take his canine Sensei’s hint. He talks to Amily about “their” past together. Jack tells Emanda that Amily doesn’t remember much of her childhood. He thinks his ended when she vanished. Emanda flashes back to giving Sammy to Jack. She promises she will come back for them. Jack notices how much Sammy loves Emanda, but fails to make the obvious leap.

Emanda gives Amily a notebook that she claims is his diary from foster care, telling her she needs to know the truth about the Graysons. Daniel sees them together, and tells Emanda that Amily is David Clarke’s daughter. Amily uses the diary to fake memories of her childhood with Jack. Jack surprises Amily with a romantic night, giving her a jar of seashells she buried as a child. By real life standards, Jack’s obsession with his elementary school crush is creepy.

Break Up #3: Conrad/Victoria

A man named Ryan (James McCaffrey) introduces himself to Victoria. He turned down Conrad’s request to be his divorce attorney, but he would like to represent her. Ryan tells Victoria she can’t have any contact with Conrad, He needs complete access to her finances, and she has to commit to doing whatever it takes to win. She tells him she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daniel, angry that Conrad did not fire Tyler, tells Victoria that he will use his job to get her whatever business files she needs.Victoria overhears him talking to Emanda about Amanda Clarke. He tells his mother that she’s back in town.

Emanda has a bad wig flashback to when she asked Ryan why she dropped his father’s case. She voices over that true loyalty takes years to build and seconds to destroy. It looks like Ryan is one of Emanda’s minions.

Hook Up #2 Charlotte & Declan

Declan (Connor Paolo) wants to use the 25 grand Victoria gave him to get an apartment with Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). Jack points out that he needs to go to college. Otherwise, he will turn out to be as dense as his older brother who cannot tell his Emanda’s from his Amily’s. Since Declan is a noble member of the working class he heeds his brother’s advice. He insists Charlotte take Victoria’s check because he would rather pay off student loans for decades than sacrifice his integrity. Charlotte catches Victoria snooping on her laptop and decides to move in with Conrad. Sheesh, Charlotte, it’s not like she threw your laptop in the pool.

Million Dollar Quips

Ashley: “You kiss a billionaire once, you get 200 grand. I’ve been kissing Victoria’s ass all summer and I’m lucky if she’ll let me call her by her first name.”

Nolan to Emanda: “No synchronized swim with your secret sharer? Single White Female told me you invited her into the fold. I’m guessing this is a keep your frenemies close type situation.”

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