Watch: Katy Perry Imitate Russell Brand in Her ‘SNL’ Promos

by | December 8, 2011 at 1:37 PM | Saturday Night Live

Kenan Thompson and Katy Perry in an "SNL" Promo (NBC)

Kenan Thompson and Katy Perry in an "SNL" Promo (NBC)

We know that Katy Perry is cute as a button, and we know she can sing. But, as the promos for her “Saturday Night Live” hosting appearance show, she might actually be funny, too.

The promos are all with Kenan Thompson, and in them, she’s mostly playing straight man to the veteran cast member, but in one promo she does a great impression of her husband and former “SNL” host Russell Brand, then does a very underplayed version of a mother who’s just lost her home. Most “SNL” promos, of course, often hold a promise that the show or host can’t keep, but these definitely have us intrigued.

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