What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

Wednesday December 14:

Psych‘ (10pm on USA) **Fall Finale** Record Now

Shawn and Juliet’s getaway doesn’t go as planned when their hotel room is robbed and a body turns up at a nearby winery in the season finale.

The Real World: San Diego‘ (10pm on MTV) **Season Finale** Record Now

The roommates say good-bye to San Diego and each other as the season comes to an end. But first, Nate has too much to drink at his and Frank’s charity event, leading to another huge blowup.

Thursday December 15:

Burn Notice‘ (10pm on USA) **Season Finale** Record Now

Michael receives his biggest CIA mission yet just as Anson’s plans kick into high gear in the fifth-season finale. While Michael’s on the job, Sam and Fiona keep an eye on Anson but may not be able to stop him.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia**Season Finale** Record Now

In the seventh season finale, the gang come up with a new plan to buff their tarnished high-school reputations at their high-school reunion.

Friday December 16:

The Life & Times of Tim‘ (9pm on HBO) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Tim is a normal, twentysomething New Yorker trying to get ahead at work while keeping his girlfriend Amy happy and living a “normal” life. However, in Tim’s world, his often peculiar choices leave him in outlandish, surprising situations.

Sunday December 18:

Survivor: South Pacific‘ (8pm ET on CBS) **Season Finale** Record Now

The jury interviews the final three castaways before voting for the winner, followed immediately by the live reunion of all 18 castaways.

Allen Gregory‘ (8:30pm ET on Fox) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the season finale, the persistent and pompous Allen Gregory bribes Principal Gottlieb into a romantic situation that he hopes will bring them closer together. Meanwhile, Richard uses Julie to compete with his frenemy’s adopted child.

Next Iron Chef‘ (9pm on Food) **Season Finale** Record Now

The two remaining finalists face off in a holiday-theme cook-off in Kitchen Stadium, and then, the next Iron Chef is crowned in the fourth season finale.

Dexter‘ (9pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the season finale, Dexter and Homicide try to stop the Doomsday Killers from committing one final murder, while Debra deals with a new emotional situation.

Homeland‘ (10pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the season finale, a near-catatonic Carrie is confined to bed as Saul puzzles over the unnerving implications of her time line. Elsewhere, Walker settles on a perch from which to complete his mission.

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