Watch: Eight Years of Jim and Dwight’s ‘Office’ Pranks

Thursday night’s Jim vs. Dwight prank war on “The Office” seemed to be a comment on all of the pranks the two of them have pulled on each other over the last eight seasons. The two knew each other — and themselves — so well that Jim (John Krasinski) refrained from pranking (and drinking) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) decided to take a different tack and pull pranks on himself and try to frame Jim.

The escalation of the hostilities just made us think of all of the other pranks, though, and we guess the folks at NBC were also getting nostalgic, as they’ve put together a “mash-up” of some of the show’s all-time best. Notice in the video that most of the pranks show Jim getting one over on Dwight, because that’s how it usually happened. But, as we see at the end of the video, Dwight’s gotten his revenge on occasion.

By the way, even though it was taken directly from the British version, the Jell-o mold prank is still one of our favorites. Classics are classics for a reason, know what we mean?

[iframe 580 476]

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