‘Fear Factor’: Grossest Moments From The Reality Hit’s Return

Fear Factor host Joe Rogan (NBC)

“Fear Factor” is back, and it looks like it never left. You’ve got teams with foolish levels of self-confidence that think they can accomplish anything, a paunchier but game Joe Rogan simultaneously encouraging and poking fun at them, spectacular action stunts, and one gross-out stunt per episode.

Now, though, the action stunts are even more spectacular, and the gross-outs are even grosser. Rogan promised that the grossness quotient would increase, and judging by last night’s opening episodes, he wasn’t kidding.

In the first episode, for instance, the couples had to root through a tar pit to find five scorpions and eat them. Oh, did we say they were live scorpions? They were, and the wiggling grossed us out. Watch the episode and see for yourself:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Fear-Factor/173550/2176213483/Scorpion-Tales/embed 580 476]

But the second episode upped the grossness to much higher levels, as the couples were dunked in a huge tank filled with cow’s blood (“Fear Factor: Giving Slaughterhouses Extra Income Since 2001”). They had to swim through the tank of thick, opaque blood and find a cow’s heart, which they had to pick up with their teeth. Yes, the thought of that one is making us throw up in our mouths a little bit, but watch the episode if you have a stronger constitution than we have:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Fear-Factor/173550/2176213469/Broken-Hearts-and-Blood-Baths/embed 580 476]

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