Glenn Beck’s New Reality: Off the Grid with New Series

Glenn Beck (Photo: Getty Images)

Glenn Beck is getting in touch with reality — reality TV, that is!

The former Fox News firebrand is dipping his toes into reality television with a new series that will run exclusively on his TV-style Web site known as “GBTV” (

According to this story on the Hollywood Reporter Web site, the new Beck-produced reality series, to be titled “Independence U.S.A.,” is not about Beck himself, but about a man named Frank Belcastro who is altering his lifestyle to be completely independent from the outside world.

According to THR, Belcastro’s “off the grid” adventures and innovations include building a car that will run on wood, in case gasoline is no longer available, and figuring out a way to feed his family by hunting, in the event that all grocery stores go out of business.

Our take: Crazy (or, if you prefer, “unusual”) as this scenario sounds, we happen to think it’s a worthy topic for reality television — precisely because it’s so unusual. The THR story says the show will start running on GBTV on Jan. 18, but we wonder why it’s not getting picked up by regular TV — TLC, Discovery, even Planet Green would seem like worthy homes for a show like this.

Oh, well — leave it to Glenn Beck to go “off the grid” with TV show about that very subject.

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