‘American Horror Story’ Vixen Alexandra Breckenridge on Tonight’s Wild Birth

Alexandra Breckenridge in American Horror Story (Prashant Gupta/FX)

After two and a half months of twisted plot turns in Ryan Murphy’s new FX series “American Horror Story,” Vivien (Connie Britton) finally gives birth in tonight’s episode. To what? No one knows yet — except for a few cast members including Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Young Moira, also known as the sexy maid who has distracted Vivien’s husband Ben (Dylan McDermott) most of the season.

In celebration of tonight’s episode and next week’s season finale (it’s too soon!), Breckenridge phoned XfinityTV.com to reveal why nothing about “American Horror Story” scares her anymore, to explain why her grandmother is okay with her wearing a sexy maid costume on television and to tease tonight’s episode.

“I’m pretty jaded in terms of being scared because I’ve been watching horror movies since I was eight years old,” the actress said, when asked whether the creepy “American Horror Story” plot twists continue to frighten her. “So I got that fear out of my system when I was a little girl. Now I don’t get as scared as I used to. I get excited when I read the script because it excites me that a show is doing something so dark and so wild. No one else would even attempt this. It’s scary to push the envelope like this because you’re not sure whether you’re going to retain fans by doing that but Ryan [Murphy] doesn’t seem to care.”

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The show has retained fans though and Breckenridge, thanks to her sultry part, has gained her own group of admirers.

“People are asking me to marry them on Twitter all of the time,” Breckenridge revealed. ‘Will you be my date to my sister’s wedding? Will you marry me?’ When you play someone that sexual, I was pretty much prepared for any kind of fan reaction, good or bad.”

There was one fan that did surprise the “American Horror Story” vixen though: Her grandmother.

“My grandmother, who is 69 years old, was shockingly okay about it,” laughed Breckenridge. “I didn’t know that she was watching the show and I finally caught her on the phone and said, ‘Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were watching. I would have warned you.’ And she said, ‘It’s fine! I know that you’re an actress and you’re acting.’ It was really sweet.”

Even though her grandmother is fine with the role, the actress is still adjusting.

“I don’t love being in skimpy clothes. I’m okay with my body — I’m not terribly self-conscious but when your a** hangs out in front of an entire crew, sometimes you realize that people are looking. That’s been difficult but in terms of the role, I just try to stay in character. Because [Moira] doesn’t care.”

Unlike Moira, Breckenridge teased that every fan should care about tonight’s episode.

“Vivian finally gives birth! I’m sure everyone wants to see what kind of babies come out,” Breckenridge offered. “There’s some more revealing stuff with Ben. Honestly though, it’s going to be wild. The whole show is going to be wild so of course it’s going to be wild up until the last second.”

Additionally, the actress also described how she prepares to play Young Moira, why she has never tried on the rubber suit and what’s in store for Moira’s future.

How she gets in the mindset to play Young Moira:
“I tend to tap into the physicality of a role. To get into a character like this, I find the rhythm of the way they walk and stuff like that. I listen to anything that puts me in that rhythm or mood. With Moira, I listen to a little Portishead and actually some dirty 50 Cent songs. I don’t know why those put me in the right frame of mind really but they work.”

Whether Young Moira will be phased out of the show next season now that Ben is starting to see Moira as who she really is (Frances Conroy):
“Honestly, it really depends on where [Ryan] decides to go next year. It’s not just Ben that sees her though — it’s people that are lost and delusional. It’s not just dependent on his character but I don’t know what they’re doing for season two! I have not heard. Hopefully I’ll hear some dirt soon.”

Why she hasn’t tried on the rubber suit:
“Well the rubber suits are actually made for whoever is wearing them so they’re tailored to the person’s body. So all of the people who have worn the suit on the show have their own. Plus you have to get in it fully nude and cover yourself in some kind of lubricant to get it on because it’s so tight. You have to be baby oiled or something. So no.”

What she’d like to see her character do next season:
“I always thought it would be fun to do flashbacks of the past few years when [Moira] has been dead just to see all of the men in the house that she has been haunting. I was hoping they’d get into that this season but they didn’t. Maybe next season!”

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