‘Biggest Loser’ Crowns Big John As Winner

John Rhode wins The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Bob Harper said it, and he was right: Contestant John Rhodes wouldn’t be satisfied until he was pulling the confetti out of his own hair.

And so it happened. Tipping the scale at 225 lbs.—with a whopping 220-lb. weight loss—John was crowned the “Biggest Loser” and was awarded the $250K grand prize.

“I knew before I got [to the ranch] I wanted to win,” the 40-year-old special ed teacher/football coach said. “I didn’t come out to do anything but win.”

But even John would have to admit that he had stiff testosterone-filled competition, considering he had been up against over-exuberant tattoo artist Ramon Medeiros and former NFL star Antone Davis. In the end, though, he proved his trash-talking and extreme determination reigned supreme.

Perhaps, the bigger surprise of the night was the winner of the $100K at-home prize, which was awarded to none other than Bob-obsessed contestant Jennifer Rumple. The introverted 39-year-old brunette may not have been the most-liked contestant on the Black Team, but she did manage to lose lots of poundage while she was on the ranch despite her knee injury and proved she was someone to be reckoned with last night.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Biggest-Loser/94197/2176523614/The-Winning-Moment/embed 580 476]

Other notable highlights included the show’s change in how they weighed the contestants on the live finale. Instead of forcing everyone to change out of their fancy attire in order to hop on the scale, the contestants were all weighed before going onstage so they could stay looking dapper and fab.

And there’s the unspoken case of Anna Kournikova. While we recently reported that the tennis star would not be returning to “Loser” because of rumored issues with the staff and contestants, no goodbyes were made public last night—nor did she get to say too much. (Oh well, at least she has Enrique Iglesias to go home to.)

But our favorite highlight of the night goes to host Allison Sweeney. The easily excitable blond gave a shout out to the strong romantic relationship between Ramon and Jessica Limpert, saying they were yet another one of many couples on the show that were putting “The Bachelor” to shame! What a timely dig—right before the ABC show’s season premiere on Jan. 2!

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Biggest-Loser/94197/2176528667/John-s-Finale-Interview/embed 580 476]

The all-new season of “Biggest Loser” airs Jan. 3 on NBC at 8/7c.

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