‘Daily Show’ Salutes The ‘Ballsiest’ Newsmakers … Sponsored By Lowe’s

by | December 15, 2011 at 10:38 AM | The Daily Show

The folks at “The Daily Show” have been on a creative roll lately. On Tuesday, we had Jon Stewart and company’s brilliant takedown of Lowe’s and the “All-American Muslim” controversy. Now we have their new segment, “Holy S—, You’ve Got Some Huge, Hairy, Motherf—— Balls On You”, which is jokingly sponsored by the controversy-averse home improvement chain.

In the segment, Stewart talks about what Herman Cain said that managed to blow the mind of Barbara Walters and what Mitt Romney said about Newt Gingrich that makes Stewart stare in incredulity. But he leaves his “ballsiest” praise for President Obama, an award the commander-in-chief should put right next to that Nobel peace prize he got a few years back.

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