Golden Globe Snubs: ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ McCarthy, ‘Justified’

Ricky Gervais (NBC)

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning and, at least on the TV side of the ledger, the list of nominees are a bit… odd.

Yes, we know this is the Golden Globes, which is more of a movie award than a TV award. And, yes, we know that the Globes are taken even less seriously than other award shows — you can read this rant from Nikki Finke of Deadline to find out why that is — but in recent years they’ve gotten the TV nominations mostly right. Not this year, though; the nominations are more notable for who they missed over who got nominated:

“Breaking Bad”Bryan Cranston got nominated for an acting award, but the show didn’t get any other nominations. Nothing for Aaron Paul or Dean Norris, and — most surprisingly — nothing in the best drama category. It’s arguable that the show’s fourth season may not have been quite as good as its third, but it was still a heck of a lot better than “American Horror Story” and “Boss,” both of which did get nominated.

“Justified” – The same could be said of this FX show, which had a breakout second season. At the very least, Emmy winner Margo Martindale should have gotten a nod in the hodgepodge supporting category, especially over the scene-chewing Jessica Lange of “Horror Story,” but there is no sign of the show on the nomination list. The other FX surprise snub is “Sons of Anarchy,” which is surprising since Katey Sagal won a Globe last year.

“Parks and Recreation”Amy Poehler got a nod in the acting category, but the show didn’t get recognized in the best comedy category. We’re used to “Community” getting snubbed by award shows, and if Nick Offerman wasn’t going to get an Emmy nod for playing Ron F—in’ Swanson on “Parks” we sure couldn’t expect a Globe nomination. But the absence of “Parks” in the series category, especially in light of the presence of the critically shaky “Enlightened” and “Episodes,” as well as the too-new-to-tell “New Girl,” makes us want to read Finke’s rant again and nod our heads.

Louis C.K. – Luckily, Louie is too busy basking in the glow of the success of his $5, downloadable comedy special to care, but the fact that he’s not at least up for a comedy acting award is a surprise. But we guess Louie doesn’t have as much of a beef as Jim Parsons, the two-time defending Emmy winner who was also snubbed in favor of under-actor David Duchovny, the not-all-that-funny Thomas Jane, and Parsons’ “Big Bang Theory” co-star Johnny Galecki.

Melissa McCarthy – Another person who is having a banner 2011, but not according to the Globes. No nomination for “Mike & Molly,” and — even more surprisingly — no nomination for “Bridesmaids.” That will look especially galling when McCarthy gets a supporting actor nod for the role come Oscar nomination time.

“Modern Family” ensemble – It’s odd that, while all the adult actors on the show got nominated for supporting actor Emmys, only Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet got nominated for Globes. Again, it’s likely because the catch-all supporting categories just don’t have the room. But maybe it’ll teach Emmy winners Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen to submit themselves as lead actors next year, if they can.

Of course, we’ll see who wins on Sunday, Jan. 15 at 8 pm Eastern on NBC. But the list of people who weren’t nominated is so much more interesting, isn’t it?

Watch an episode of Golden Globe nominee “New Girl”:

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