Deep Soap: Shocking Death on ‘General Hospital’

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I have to hand it to “General Hospital“: for once, the show kept a major plot point under wraps. I was surprised by the sudden death of Abby (Andrea Bowen) via off-screen construction crane.  I am not sure why the show decided to kill her off. I was not a big fan of Michael (Chad Duell) and Abby’s relationship; the whole concept of the stripper with a heart of gold dating a high school student never worked for me. But lots of people loved them. They were one of the few happy couples in Port Charles. Heck, they were one of the few couples, period. I don’t think that I have ever watched a soap with fewer characters who are in romantic relationships.

Abby’s death seems final. We saw her on a slab on the morgue. If I were a meaner person I would make a Slabby joke. There’s nothing funny about the fact that she died, but the way she died is rather silly. If someone’s going to die via something as ridiculous as a falling crane, I want to see it. If it’s going to happen off camera, make it even stranger: drop a piano on her head, have her pecked to death by birds, make her suffer a literal Death by Chocolate at ELQ’s never before mentioned chocolate factory. She died under suspicious circumstances, at a construction site. Robocop Delores (Rebeka Montoya) mentioned that her husband works in construction, so he could be involved, perhaps taking out Abby at the behest of the mob, or whoever is attacking the hookers of Port Charles, or Franco. Abby joins the numerous young women of Port Charles who have died violently in recent years including Lisa, Siobhan, Claudia, and possibly Robin. Being a woman on GH is hazardous to your health. Since Abby had no family in Port Charles, the only purpose her death serves is to make Michael miserable.  Hey, that’s exactly what GH needs: another angry, grieving man. RIP Abby. If you could have hung on another month until the new headwriter and producer arrived, you might have stood a chance. 

Jeff Branson Leaving Y&R; Sean Kanan Returning

Ronan and Phyllis’s (Melody Thomas Scott) romance on “The Young & the Restless” will be shortlived. Jeff Branson is leaving the show according to Soap Opera Digest. Ronan initially came to town as an FBI agent who was investigating the mobsters who were after Heather. He turned out to be the son that was stolen from Nina (Tricia Cast)  when she was a teenager, in my opinion Y&R’s greatest unfinished story. Instead of creating a longterm story arc about Ronan overcoming his initial distrust of Nina and forging a relationship, Ronan skipped town after receiving a lifesaving live transplant from his brother Chance, with his final scenes indicating he was conning his biological family for their organs. His return should have righted this wrong. Instead, he barely has had any scenes with his family, as he instead performed routine police work and embarked on an out of nowhere fling with Phyllis. Now he will once again depart without delivering a satisfying resolution to what could have been an epic plot.

On the other hand, there is good news for Deacon fans. Just two days after Sean Kanan tweeted that he was leaving the show, he is now telling fans that he will be back in the spring, writing, ““Apparently Y&R has not seen the last of Deacon. MAB says she plans on bringing Deacon back in the Spring. Thanks 2 all of your 4 everything.”  I hope there are a lot more scenes like Deacon telling Nick (Josh Morrow) to call him Papa before the end of the Nikki/Deacon marriage.  That was pure comedy gold.

“One Life To Live” Marathon

It’s tragic that both “One Life To Live” and SOAPnet will cease to exist in 2012. The cable network is giving one last salute to soaps with a fourteen hour OLTL marathon on New Year’s day. Kudos to the executive who selected the episodes. From Judith Light’s legendary performance as Karen Wolek confessing that she was a prostitute on the witness stand, to the Buchanans traveling back in time to Megan’s death to Nathan Fillion as Joey to Todd and Blair’s first wedding, there are a lot of the show’s greatest moments here. Forget about college bowl games, and set your DVR.

OLTL fans should also read TVGuide’s interview with Ilene Kristen (Roxie). The actress, who is an outspoken advocate for the soap genre, does not mince words about Prospect Park’s failed attempt to move the show on-line, saying, “They cancelled a lot of appointments with the unions and I don’t think that’s been represented correctly in the press… I was on the AFTRA committee for this whole project and we did a lot of work — meetings, lots of correspondence — and it never really ever got down to the particulars. It’s like they weren’t serious. Prospect Park hardly went to any of the cast members at AMC, and yet they were claiming that the actors there were demanding this and that. And that was so not true.”


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