Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper to Re-Team for CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Every New Year’s Eve for the last few years, our remotes have tended to bypass the usual specials and slide over to CNN, for two very good reasons: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

And it’s not just because Griffin is liable to say or do something outrageous. It’s because the chemistry between the two is fantastic: she says something crazy or punches him in the gut, he just laughs. He tries to play things straight, and she pokes fun at him. And through the whole broadcast, there seems to me more chaos and less orchestration than we see with Griffin’s “mortal enemy” Ryan Seacrest or whatever NBC throws up there every year.

So it was good to see the press release from CNN that the two will be paired up again this year. “By the time I’m done with him, Anderson’s hair is going to be even more gray.  In fact, the night is going to be so wild, his hair is actually going to turn brown again,” said Griffin in the press release.

Cooper replied, half-jokingly, “Kathy Griffin scares me. I’ve said this often to CNN management directly and through my attorneys. She continues to appear by my side on New Year’s Eve, so clearly no one is listening to me.”

Griffin told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night that “my first goal is to get Anderson fired.” She’d also like to “whip out a live t–ty,” drunk-dial Wolf Blitzer and drug Cooper with roofies. We’re sure she’d at least try the first to, which we’d love to see, especially Anderson’s aggrieved reaction to all of it.

Watch Kathy Griffin on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Jimmy-Kimmel-Live/93/2176943429/Wed%2C-Dec-14%2C-2011/embed?skipTo=1480 580 476]

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