Trump Talks Candidacy, Gaga and Blagojevich on ‘The Talk’

Donald Trump (NBC)

Donald Trump was the latest face to swing by “The Talk’s” New York getaway, reuniting with former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Sharon Osbourne. Trump remained his candid self, discussing why he is feared by the Republican presidential candidates, how he was responsible for Lady Gaga’s career as well as his reaction to the sentencing of fellow “Apprentice” veteran Rob Blagojevich.

Trump stated that he pulled out of the scheduled Republican debate because the candidates are afraid that he would run for office as an independent. Trump said he was still mulling a run but would be unable to announce his candidacy until the next edition of “Apprentice” wrapped up in May.

Have a gander at his political aspirations in the clip below…

[iframe—Donald-Trump-on-GOP-Debate-%26-Presidential-Race/embed 580 476]

Trump went on to call Rod Blagojevich’s sentence of 14 years in prison “unbelievably unfair.” Although he noted that while nobody would consider the former governor a “rocket scientist” the judge didn’t do the former governor any favors.

“I saw nothing coming,” Trump said. “I think the sentence was very stiff. He didn’t get any money. He was stupid and he said stupid things but he didn’t get anything out of it. But I thought it was unbelievably unfair. He was a nice guy.”

[iframe—Donald-Trump-on-Lady-Gaga-s-Big-Break/embed 580 476]

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