‘SNL’ Recap: A Celebration of All Things Fallon

by | December 18, 2011 at 12:37 PM | Recap, Saturday Night Live, TV News

Jimmy Fallon turned up to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, taking a week off from his NBC late-night show and basically walking across the hallway at 30 Rock to return to his old “SNL” stomping grounds.

The show he guest-hosted on the weekend before Christmas was a combination of old and new — much of it celebrating his formidable talent for comedy, impersonations, music and anything else you need done when you’re producing a variety show.

Here, NBC’s late-night wonder plays a horse — check it out:

But there’s more to Jimmy Fallon than equine mimickry. In a bit with singing star Michael Buble on Saturday night’s show, Jimmy imitated Sting and Justin Bieber.

Watch this hilarious “Duets” spoof here:

But when the laughter stops and Jimmy is alone in his dressing room, what’s he really thinking about? Who — or what — does he talk to when he wants to contemplate his innermost thoughts? The answer: His mirror!

Watch what happens when Fallon reflects on his reflection:
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