Khronology of Krazy: Watch The 10 Most Memorable Kardashian Moments of 2011

by | December 19, 2011 at 12:12 PM | Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Year in TV 2011

Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!)

Oh, the Kardashians. Their presence this year has overwhelmingly saturated our screens more than all the Cialis and Viagra commercials you could ever imagine combined. But for good reason! They’ve had some epic gaffes in 2011—especially, thanks to their wayward middle sis Kim. She gets the blue ribbon for taking her fiscal/matrimonial fantasies straight to PR Disasterville.

So without further adieu, check out our video recap of Kim and Krew’s most eventful year to date:

Ex Marks the Spot: Apparently, Khlo-Mo is having a harder time letting go of Kim’s zillion ex-bf’s than she is…and here’s the glass-breaking tantrum to prove it!

Butt of the Joke: Got butt? Kim sure does, but some don’t believe it’s the real thing, baby! So what do Kourt and Khloé suggest she do to prove her tush is all squish? Butt x-ray, anyone?

Family Friction: Momager Kris pushes her eldest to get married and make things official with her baby daddy, but the unwanted pressure makes Kourt explode into a ball of Armenian fury!

Don’t Be Too Rash:  The most image-obsessed Kardashian discovers she has a disease! And it’s not the kind you think she’d have, considering what made her famous.

Odd Brother Out:  Considering he doesn’t have a j-o-b or any real direction in his life, Rob is feeling like an overweight loser—and Kim’s little snide remarks don’t help, either. So what’s a lone bro to do? [Bleep] her a few whammies…

“DWTS” Rob K.: But hey! Things look on the up-and-up when Rob finds a new lease on life through the fox trot…the cash and the additional fame are a bonus, too. Momager Kris, you’re the best!

Kim Defends Her Man: Kim will do anything for love and for her picture perfect dream of a wedding. So when Khlo tells her that Kris is a questionable character to bring into the K-fold, Kim shuts her and the rest of the fam down by uninviting them to her wedding.

Kim Breaking Down:  Every bride needs a pre-wedding breakdown, and considering all the pressures to put a price tag on her televised nuptials, Kim melts into stepdad Bruce’s arms as she thinks of her own dad and what’s actually important in life…but that meaningful moment only lasts for a few seconds.

Kim’s Walk Down the Aisle: It felt like the most wasted and wasteful four hours of reality TV we’ve seen in a long time. Orchestrated down to the last draped jewel, Kim’s $10 million dollar fairytale wedding was for naught 72 days later when she filed for divorce from Kris H. As for those wedding gifts? The ‘bloids are saying she traded them in for a bunch of Rolexes.

Crabby Kim: Little does she know in that deeply analytical mind of hers, Kim’s quickie marriage is beginning to take its toll on her psyche…but disapproving Khlo isn’t helping to calm her nerves. Once younger sis decides to interrupt Kim’s beauty rest, the latter unleashes her rage like we’ve never seen before!

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