Preview: Everyone Goes a Little Nuts for ‘Celebrity Week’ on ‘The Price is Right’

by | December 20, 2011 at 4:30 PM | The Price Is Right


The Price is Right (CBS)

To celebrate 40 seasons on the air, on Jan. 2 “The Price is Right” is launching its first-ever “Celebrity Charity Week,” in which stars team up with contestants to help vie for a spot in the Showcase Showdown. Jenny McCarthy, Snoop Dogg, Neil Patrick Harris, Heidi Klum and “American Idol” alum Daughtry will each participate, with all their winnings going to charity. Of course, who knows the last time any of these people actually went out and purchased common household items  – or anything, for that matter – on their own, so how much “help” they can really offer is questionable.

Watch below as competitors and celebrities alike get a little nutty:

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