Helen Mirren Lending Her Voice to ‘Glee’

by | December 21, 2011 at 4:15 PM | Glee

Helen Mirren (Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Glee” has officially gone cameo crazy.

First it was Ricky Martin, then Gloria Estefan and Pitbull followed suit. Yesterday, it was revealed that NeNe Leakes would be appearing in several upcoming episodes, and today comes the news that Helen Mirren is currently booked for a guest-starring role on the Fox comedy.

Just don’t expect to see the Oscar-winning dame on screen. Apparently, she’ll simply be heard in the show’s Jan. 17 “Grease”-themed episode. (NeNe makes her “Glee” debut in the same ep.)

According to a TV Line source, Mirren will provide the “inner voice” of an unnamed character. “Helen came in and secretly recorded several long and hilarious monologues two weeks ago,” the source said. “Then she visited the kids on set, and they had no idea she was coming; they were stunned.”

Producers had long planned the role with Mirren in mind, but weren’t convinced she’d take it. They asked “Glee” director and Mirren pal Eric Stoltz to help land the “Queen” star. Little did they know how much of a Gleek she was. “Helen’s a big fan of the show,” the source said, “and the message it sends out about arts education.”

Watch “Glee’s” Christmas Episode Below:

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