Watch: ‘Conan’ Torches New Kindle Fire

by | December 21, 2011 at 11:44 PM | General, TV News

Conan O'Brien

Reports of early consumer complaints over Amazon’ new Kindle Fire tablet were all Conan O’Brien needed to skewer the device on a recent episode of “Conan.”

Coco and crew went after some of the main criticisms of the tablet, including the power button positioning, security concerns and even threw in a fire to boot. The video featured a mock “Jeff Bezos” from Amazon who informed consumers of a few simple fixes from the company that were available for to fix the latest version of the Kindle.

Of course, Amazon’s latest tablet has drawn praise as well, with O’Brien also featuring skits on the iPad 2 in previous episodes of the show. Amazon has said that it sells a million Kindle products each week.

Have a gander in the clip below…