‘All-American Muslim’: Ratings Down Despite Lowe’s Controversy

Muslim-American Nawal Aoude hits the gym on "All-American Muslim" (Photo: TLC)

Despite the dust-up over Lowe’s pulling their ads from TLC’s “All-American Muslim,” people aren’t flipping over to watch the show. According to Variety (via the Chicago Tribune), the audience for the December 18 airing slid 30% from the previous week’s levels.

The December 11 episode was the first new episode after the Lowe’s story broke, which may have led to a burst in viewership. But the article does go on to point out that even that episode’s 900,000 viewers was lower than the 1 million the show is averaging, and is well below the 1.7 million the show’s first episode attracted.

So there could be a few factors at play here. One is the obvious: people are losing interest in the show because they tune in and see a very normal depiction of American life. No arguments, no one being mean and nasty; in other words, it’s dullsville. The other possibility is that there’s Lowe’s fatigue; people are sick of hearing about the controversy, especially during the  second week, and have turned away from the show.

But there could be a very simple explanation: it’s the holidays! People are shopping, they’re out seeing their families. Football games are being watched. It could just be a simple downturn because of what time of year it is.

While the fact that TLC isn’t reaping the ratings benefits from the Lowe’s controversy makes for an interesting headline, trying to make a correlation between the two is very difficult, especially when the holiday season is further splintering the available audience.

Watch a scene from “All-American Muslim”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/All-American-Muslim/172542/2172553748/Infertility-Struggle/embed 580 476]

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