‘American Horror Story’ Will Get Different Actors, Haunting and Storyline in Season 2

American Horror Story (Prashant Gupta/FX)

After two and a half months worth of shocking plot turns on “American Horror Story,” series creator Ryan Murphy ended the first season last night in the only way fitting for the twisted FX show…by sentencing all of his characters to the worst imaginable fate.

This morning, after watching the season closer on television like the rest of the 3.2 million viewers (reported by FX), Murphy phoned a few journalists to discuss last night’s episode and unload a few bombshells about what the second season of “American Horror Story” holds. (Beware of spoilers ahead.)

After killing off all of his main characters this season, audiences may have wondered how the series could possibly continue. But Murphy explained that he had always envisioned this tragic end to the season and he has a plan for the future.

“Every season of the show will be a different haunting,” Murphy revealed. “What you saw in [last night’s episode] was the end of the Harmon house and the second season of the show will be a brand new home or building to haunt.”

When asked whether the new “haunting” will take place in Los Angeles, Murphy revealed that it will not — however that it will take place somewhere in the United States, in a location that has not yet been decided.

As for what next season’s mystery will entail, Murphy said, “There are all different types of American horror stories to tell … serial killers, true crime stories, prison stories. […] Every year of the show is almost like a miniseries and could be a completely and radically different show.”

Although Murphy would be game for another season packed with “demons and ghosts,” Murphy revealed that there is one kind of haunting he refuses to showcase: “I wouldn’t do a season about vampires. Other than that, everything is fair game.”

So the next round of “American Horror Story” will follow a new “haunting” in a new “location.” What does that mean for the main cast members, whose characters were systematically killed off?

“There will be some new and familiar faces, playing new characters and new monsters,” Murphy promised before revealing that he is in talks with different actors, who he refused to name in “fairness” to them.

One good thing about signing actors for a single season of the show though, Murphy revealed, is that he is getting calls from film actors and actresses (like Jessica Lange), who would otherwise never want to commit to a television show, not knowing how long it would last on the air.

Fans of Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Lange can rest assured though that “some of them will come back.” Murphy confided that he is “in talks with several of them” to return to the show to play “completely different characters and creatures and monsters. […] I’d have them [all] back in a heartbeat.”

In addition, Murphy also dropped a few clues about the upcoming season — which is expected to return to the air sometime next September or October.

On the non-traditional standalone season format of the series:
“It’s a fun idea to do an anthology show. That was the design of the show from the beginning; it’s a really cool and interesting way to tell a horror show: every season being what an American horror is.”

Where you can find a clue about next season’s haunting:
“There is a clue in the last three episodes where we re-say what the next season will be about.”

How Murphy had been planning this end to the season since day one:
“For Season 2, it was always our plan all along to have Dylan, Connie and Taissa [Farmiga] no longer remain. […] I felt a lot of peace with how they ended up and I hope other people felt that as well. […] We weren’t interested in doing another season with all those people trapped in that house. The criticism would have been that it’s always the same old thing.”

What the future of “AHS” holds:
“Onward and upwards to a new haunting with American horror themes!”


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