Top 5: Late Night TV Celebrates the Holidays

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Leave the lavish gift giveaways and baking tips to the daytime TV folks. For late night TV, the holidays are all about laughs (or in the case of David Letterman, a sentimental tradition). Below, our favorite late night holiday videos of the season from the two Jimmys, Conan, Dave and Jay.

Jimmy Fallon’s Topical Christmas Carolers:  Here’s the formula: 1) Get a bunch of people together to sing about the year’s biggest events to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” 2) Make the events a mixture of important (unrest in Egypt; Bin Laden’s death) and irrelevant (Kim Kardashian’s divorce; Spiderman on Broadway). And, 3) Enlist someone who can sing the lyric “Occupy Wall Street” with such over-the-top theatricality that you can’t help but smile (see above).

Jimmy Kimmel’s Youtube Challenge: Kimmel asked parents to give their kids bogus early Christmas presents and then videotape their reactions to the gifts, which ranged from rotten bananas to half-eaten PB&Js. The results are either cruel or cute, depending on how you view the whole idea of duping your children then showing them in the throes of an epic temper tantrum:

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Jay Leno’s Christmas Pranksters:  Although not the most original of the bunch, here Leno gathers together some “famous” Youtube holiday pranksters and displays their mischievous work. Poor grandma!

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In the second video, Jay plays a terrifying joke of his own.:

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Conan O’Brien’s Shocking Ending to ‘Frosty the Snowman’: Either “Conan’s” writers have been heavily influenced by “American Horror Story,” or they’re just naturally demented. Regardless, Frosty is a goner.

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David Letterman’s Making Of ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’: For the past 25 years, Letterman has made a tradition of bringing singer Darlene Love on the show to sing her holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” In the video below, we’re offered a sweet, sentimental behind-the-scenes look at how the performance comes together, replete with a moving compilation of her most memorable renditions at the end (note: Love’s performance this year airs on the “Late Show” this Friday):

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