Top 5: Late Night TV Celebrates the Holidays

by | December 22, 2011 at 1:56 PM | Holiday Specials

Leave the lavish gift giveaways and baking tips to the daytime TV folks. For late night TV, the holidays are all about laughs (or in the case of David Letterman, a sentimental tradition). Below, our favorite late night holiday videos of the season from the two Jimmys, Conan, Dave and Jay.

Jimmy Fallon’s Topical Christmas Carolers:  Here’s the formula: 1) Get a bunch of people together to sing about the year’s biggest events to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” 2) Make the events a mixture of important (unrest in Egypt; Bin Laden’s death) and irrelevant (Kim Kardashian’s divorce; Spiderman on Broadway). And, 3) Enlist someone who can sing the lyric “Occupy Wall Street” with such over-the-top theatricality that you can’t help but smile (see above).

Jimmy Kimmel’s Youtube Challenge: Kimmel asked parents to give their kids bogus early Christmas presents and then videotape their reactions to the gifts, which ranged from rotten bananas to half-eaten PB&Js. The results are either cruel or cute, depending on how you view the whole idea of duping your children then showing them in the throes of an epic temper tantrum:

Jay Leno’s Christmas Pranksters:  Although not the most original of the bunch, here Leno gathers together some “famous” Youtube holiday pranksters and displays their mischievous work. Poor grandma!

In the second video, Jay plays a terrifying joke of his own.:

Conan O’Brien’s Shocking Ending to ‘Frosty the Snowman’: Either “Conan’s” writers have been heavily influenced by “American Horror Story,” or they’re just naturally demented. Regardless, Frosty is a goner.

David Letterman’s Making Of ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’: For the past 25 years, Letterman has made a tradition of bringing singer Darlene Love on the show to sing her holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” In the video below, we’re offered a sweet, sentimental behind-the-scenes look at how the performance comes together, replete with a moving compilation of her most memorable renditions at the end (note: Love’s performance this year airs on the “Late Show” this Friday):

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