Leno Showcases TV’s Greatest Christmas ‘Fails’

by | December 23, 2011 at 10:19 PM | General, The Movies

Reindeer Down! Reindeer Down! (Photo: Conan/TBS)

Yesterday we gave you our top five holidays-themed clips from television’s late night series (which you can watch here). But we thought we would throw one more twisted homage to the holiday special your way.

On last night’s “Tonight Show,” Jay Leno shared a few holiday “programs” that never quite caught fire and became network traditions the way Charlie Brown and Rudolph did. In the first clip, he shows audiences why Gary Busey’s “The Bi-Polar Express” never took off the way Tom Hank’s version did. He also reminds viewers why the networks moved away from the country Christmas specials of the ’80s.

See below for the first part of his segment, “Christmas Movie and TV Fails.”

Of course, all of those clips look better than the Christmas version of “Twilight” in this next video.